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Spencer Park Pool

the pool in 2004
The pool in 2004 - now in 2018 it is under the BMX track
Photo courtesy of Mervyn Wood

Rushden Echo, 20th April 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

AN ANONYMOUS DONOR has offered the gift of a children's paddling pool in Spend Park, and the work is to be carried out by the Surveyor. The pool will be in the hollow under the trees on the west side of the stream. The bed will be of concrete, and there will be a regulated supply of town's water from the mains continually flowing in and out. The Council have expressed thanks to the donor. We understand that a number of roundabouts from the Wicksteed Park will also be placed in Spencer Park.

Postcard of the paddling pool in the 1920s

Northampton Independent April 23rd 1927 - Seaside Pleasures in Rushden
The sand pit in Spencer Park
An artificial seaside has been erected in Spencer Park, Rushden, for the enjoyment of children. The picture shows the happy youngsters revelling in building castles in a sand dump in an oval stone enclosure, and alongside it is paddling pond only a few inches deep, which is more of a joy to the children than to mothers, whose offsprings often return home with soddened garments. The children's playground is also equipped with swings, see-saws, etc., and there is a tank for them to climb about on thereby derive more pleasure from this war relic than adults with a taste for more aesthetic surroundings. Certainly the children seem to be catered for in this recreation ground far better tan grownups, who are complaining of the new Jubilee Park having so much money spent upon it. By comparison with other progressive towns, however, Rushden cannot be said to be well equipped with attractive pleasure grounds. There is widespread hope that the day is not far distant when the authorities will acquire the spacious meadows and woodlands adjoining the recreation ground on Washbrook Road, which would enable the place to become, in time, a serious rival to Wicksteed Park for visitors.
Taken from a copy in a collection donated to Rushden Museum in memory of Robert Thompson by his parents.

Extract from Council Meeting June 1949

It was agreed to seek consent to the raising of a loan of £835 to cover the cost of converting two grass tennis courts into hard courts at Spencer Park.

It was also decided to install a new drinking fountain at Spencer Park at an estimated cost of £50.

The paddling pool in Spencer Park in the 1950s

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