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Most photographs on this page were collected by Colin Bryant
Temperance Band
 Photograph collected by Colin Bryant
This is the earliest photograph we have - dated 1887

Another early picture - this time from a 1904 postcard. An article was published in the
Evening Telegraph, as part of their "Down Memory Lane" series, in the 1980s.
Banging the drum for a sober world

AFTER a brief series of pictures of dance bands we move to one of the area's temperance bands—in this case the famed Rushden Temperance Band.

These bands banged the drum, among other things, in the interests of sobriety — temperance being considered a key factor in the industrial boom which this part of the world experienced at the end of last century and the beginning of this.

It went hand-in-hand with that other virtue —thrift.

And this band had certainly been able to stash away the money. The 1904 postcard on which this picture appeared tells us that it had won 120 prizes amounting to £1,376.

The card was lent from Rushden to a Kettering address. And reading the messages on the backs of these postcards can be as enlightening as studying the pictures. There was a good standard of spelling in those days — even if grammar left a bit to be desired.

 Photograph collected by Colin Bryant
Another early photograph c1906
See above article: Postcard dated 1904 - taken in 1903 - see Band Contest 1931 for names.
It was taken by Samuel Powell, and has a heading:
'Rushden Temperance Band, Winners of 120 Prizes Amounting to £1,372.10s.'
Before 1922 but undated
Undated but with the old drum

 Photograph collected by Colin Bryant
Marching in the town parade in about 1920
Marching in the town parade in about 1920

Rushden Temperance Band
Established 1875 Photographed October 28th 1922

Winners of Cup, Gold and Silver medals, and Cash Prizes to the value of £2,000


Back row: J Seward, F Riddle (solo cornet), A Smith, E B Smith (treasurer), J Cooper (solo flugel),
W H Noble (secretary), W Clark

Middle row: R Myers (bell soloist), W Holmes, F Cross, C Denton, P Childs, S Webb (solo tenor),
F Bayes (solo baritone), W Clayton (solo trombone), J Sharp

Front row:  B Smith (bandmaster), B Beeby, G Freeman, J Wildman, F Robinson (conductor),
F Perkins (soprano), W Bass, H R Denton, E A Webster (solo euphonium)
Photographed by E Linnitt

 Photographs collected by Colin Bryant

A picture - probably from an article in the Evening Telegraph, as part
of their "Down Memory Lane" series, in the 1980s.
Great days of the Temps
STRIKING up the band ... do you recognise any of these members of Rushden Temperance Band pictured way back in 1926?
The photo was passed to the Evening Telegraph by Keith Haddon whose father was the honorary secretary of the band and he is in the middle row fourth from the left.
Mr Haddon, 66, of Keats Road, Wellingboro' said: "I believe the man in the front row, third from the left is Sayers and he went on to great heights playing the euphonium.
"The man with the small beard on the front row on the right hand side of the picture is called Smith and had a small herd of cows near Robinson Road."
The photograph was taken on the Athletic Club lawn and the house in the background is where Mr Haddon was born. He came across the picture a few weeks ago after his mother Winifred died.

Rushden Temperance Band

Photographed July 6th 1930
Back row: J Wildman (solo cornet), F Perkins (soprano), R Chettle, C Griggs, E Abbott, J Sugars, J Hobbs

Middle row: S Denton (bell soloist), E A Webster (solo euphonium), H Denton, L Sears (solo baritone),
W Seamarks (secretary), E B Smith (bandmaster), T Lawman, C Tew, G Sayers (solo horn)

Front row: F Dawson, C Denton, J Cooper (treasurer), E Jones (solo trombone), T Young (conductor),
H Turner, W Clayton, G Freeman, A Adams

Rushden Temperance Band

Winners of the ‘Daily Sketch’ Cup at Crystal Palace Sept 1931
Winners of the ‘Daily Express’ Challenge Shield at Crystal Palace Oct 1932
Winners of the County Challenge Shield Nov 1932 March 1933


Back row: W Abbott, J Wildman, C Griggs, E B Smith, F Perkins, W Wood,
W Seamarks, F Abbott, J Mobbs, E Abbott, J Sugars

Middle row: S Denton, H Denton, L Sears, A Jones, W Clayton, H Turner, G Sayers, K Wright, W Burt

Front row:  F Dawson, C Denton, E Webster, T Young (conductor), C Tew, A Griggs, J Panter

Photographed by E Linnitt

New Uniforms but when? - 1963 see below
Taken outside the Bandstand in Rushden Hall Park
Back row left – right: 4th Ernie Denton, 8th Harry Hatwell

Middle row: Horace Peacock, John Higgins, ?, ?, ?, Percy Long, ?, Sonny --,
Rob Benning, William Scholes

Front row: Jack Scholes, ?, -- Roberts, David Gomm, Dennis Denton, ?.

Northamptonshire Advertiser, 2nd August 1963

In the garden of Mr. Arthur Mills, president of the Temperance Band. A pleasant setting for a concert given by the band in aid of  their new uniforms fund on Tuesday.

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