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Temperance Band

 News & Notes   

Note from the 1951 programme
The Rushden Temperance Band was formed in November 1875, and is one of the oldest Midland Bands. 

Extract from the obituary of Mr William Skinner
........ it was largely owing to his initiative ........ for the purpose of forming a brass band and out of this arose the Rushden Temperance Silver Prize Band. Mr. Skinner was appointed the first conductor, which position he held for 20 years. It was under his baton that all the earlier successes of this famous organisation were achieved.
This is the earliest photograph we have - dated 1887
Photograph from the Colin Bryant collection

The Rules for Members c1930
6.-That any member being intemperate, using improper lanuage, or in any way misconducting himself whenever the Band is assembled, on being reported, he shall be summoned before the Committee.
7.-That the Conductor or Deputy shall have complete control over the Band at Practices and Engagements.
8.-No player will be allowed to leave the Band during practice, or when out playing without the Conductor's permission.
9.-Any complaint shall be investigated by the Committee, who shall have power to deal with it.
10.-No member of the Band shall accept any engagement with any other Band if his services are required by his own Band without the consent of the Committee.
11.-No member be allowed to belong to two Bands, but no objection would be raised to members giving assistance in case of emergency, provided he gives notice to the Secretary.
12.-That every member is expected to attend whenever the Band is assembled unless excused by the Committee.
13.-That any member wishing to leave the Band shall send a written resignation to the Secretary, and he shall hand in all property he may hold belonging to the Band in such condition as shall satisfy the Committee.
1.-That the Band be called and known by the name "The Rushden Temperance Band" 14.-In no case shall a player change his instrument with another player without the permission of the Committee.
2.-That any person wishing to become a member of the said Band, an entrance fee of 2/6 shall be paid, and no instrument to be used until the same is paid. All applicants must be prepared to give an audition if required. 15.-That a Committee of seven members (including the Treasurer and Secretary) be appointed to conduct the business of the Band. The said Committee to remain in office not more than twelve months, but shall obe eligible for re-election. The accounts to be audited once a year.
3.-That the contributions of members shall be according to the decision of the Band. 16.-The Chairman of the Band to be elected by the Committee, but the Band Marshal shall be elected at the Annual Meeting.
4.-That a member owing any contributions shall be subject to have any money deducted which is due to him arising from engagements. 17.-That the Band shall not be broken up by any majority if five members arc opposed to that course.
5.-The division of monies arising from engagements with regard to Band members to be as the Committee may determine. 18.-That any matter arising not covered by these rules shall be laid before a fill' Committee whose decision shall be final.

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