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From the programme
Temperance Band

Centenary Concert 1975

History of the Band

"The world, for some of us, would be a dull and dreary place if it were not for music . . .

A Town without a good Band is a place to be avoided like the plague. Rushden, happily, is not one of those places. Not only are there plenty of musicians in the town, but there is a Band of which the townspeople speak with pride" . . .

The Rushden temperance Band 1875—1975

In 1921 a new Band was formed; and in 1947 a young man called William Scholes was appointed as Conductor, and under his guidance a very successful period began—the high­lights being the winning in 1956 and 1959 of the Daily Herald Midland Area Title.

Broadcasting began in 1930 and has con­tinued to the present-day. The greatest broadcast, in 1965, saw the Temps crowned as B.B.C. Band of the Year.

In 1971 the W. D. & H. O. Wills Midland Area Championship was won; and in 1974 the semi­finals of B.B.C. Radio's Challenging Brass were reached. Finally, in July 1975, after an absence of 12 years, Mr. Bill Scholes returned to take up the baton.

The above quotation is taken from the "Rushden Echo", May 14th 1897, and still rings true to-day, for Rushden verily is a Town proud of its musical history.

Hat badge
Hat Badge & braids
The Temps originally came into existence in 1860 as a Drum and Fyfe Band, but in 1875, a meeting was held in the old Temperance Hall, the outcome of which could never have been comprehended. It was decided that a Brass Band be formed, and exactly one year later the first of many concerts was given: concerts which have given much pleasure throughout the country.

National recognition came to the Temps in 1903 with a 2nd prize at the Crystal Palace 1,000 Guineas Trophy Contest; but unfortunately WWI put an end to activities.
The Temperance Band Hat and Drum
photographed courtesey of Rushden Museum.

The Band in 1930

Band Personnel
Musical Director:
Principal Cornet K. Turner
Solo Cornet D. Twitchings
Solo Cornet M. Robinson
Solo Cornet J. Baish
Soprano Cornet P. Stevens
Flugel Horn B. Osborn
Repriano Cornet J. Pacy
2nd Cornet S. Parkinson
2nd Cornet M. Napper
3rd Cornet J. Higgins
3rd Cornet K. Haddon
Solo Horn B. Turner
1st Horn B. Gentle
2nd Horn D. Bentley
2nd Horn L. Maher
1st Baritone T. Whitmill
2nd Baritone P. Long
Solo Euphonium M. Wykes
1st Euphonium M. Hanson
Solo Trombone L. Maher
2nd Trombone R. Benning
2nd Trombone D. Gentle
Bass Trombone J. Haddon
Bb Bass J. Hobbs
Bb Bass A. Hicks
Eb Bass E. Jones
Eb Bass T. Drage
Percussion N. Vesey
Rushden Temperance Band
The New Colonial
R. B. Hall

Frank Bryce
Euphonium Solo
Weber's Last Waltz (Soloist: M. Wykes)
The Gondoliers

Cornet Solo
The Lazy Trumpeter (Soloist: K. Turner)
Mood Indigo
E. Siebert Ellington

Arr. Eric Ball
The Three D.G's

Rushden Windmill Concert Band
West Side Story

Horn Solo
Hindoo Song (Soloist: B. Turner)


Rimsky Korsakov

Pineapple Poll

Arr. G. Brand
Trombone Trio
The Bold Gendarmes

Slavonic Rhapsody No. 2


National Anthem

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