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West End Club
1920 - First Annual Dinner Drinking lemonade in the West End Club! entrance
1920 - First Annual Dinner
Drinking lemonade in the West End Club!
Right: the entrance to the West End Club was narrow, between two shops, with the hall
stretched out behind. Today it is a wallpaper & DIY store, but the name has been retained.

Rushden Argus, 20th February 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

Cribbage—At the West End Club on Monday a Rushden and District Cribbage League match took place between the West End and the Windmill, and resulted in a win for the latter by 28 to 27.—The Conservative Club played Higham Athletic on Monday, and won by 30 to 25.—The Trades Club visited the Athletic on Monday and lost by 28—27.

Rushden Argus, 26th June 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

OUTING—The annual outing of the West End Club women took place on Saturday to Bedford. The party left Rushden about 2 p.m. in Mr. D. Nicholson's motor charabanc, and went by Turvey and Oakley, arriving at Bedford about 3 p.m. They had tea in Bedford, and afterwards went to the river and the exhibition. After a most enjoyable time the company left Bedford at five minutes to ten, and arrived home at a quarter to eleven.

Rushden Echo, 25th July 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Dinner was given at the West End Club on Saturday to members in celebration of Peace. Amongst other good things provided was a whole pig, which was suitably prepared and cooked. As the edibles were by no means exhausted, the dinner was continued on Monday, free liquid refreshments being provided. About 200 participated in the dinners. The arrangements were made by the committee of the club.

Mr. Joseph Quennell, was well-known in Rushden, being for many years a steward at the West End Club. [extract from obituary]

Rushden Echo, 13th July 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

West End Club—About 80 of the gamesters and friends, on the invitation of the General Committee, sat down on Saturday to a cold collation in the room of the club. The guests were welcomed by the President (Mr. Fensome). Mr. F. Causebrook presided, supported by Mr. F. Tear, Mr. H. W. Randall, and others. The Chairman gave the toast of “The Gamesters,” and presented medals to the runners-up in the second division of the Rushden and District Skittles League. Mr. T. Smith (the captain), responding, said they had done well, but they might have done better. If the members of the teams would turn up in the early part of the coming season for practice matches, he thought they had sufficient talent to win the first division next season. He thanked them for the attendances they had made, but hoped for better attendances next season. Mr. Fensome gave the toast of “The Donors and Visitors,” Mr. Causebrook, Mr. Tear, and Mr. Randall responding. Mr. Tear expressed thanks to the committee for the excellent catering.

Rushden Echo, 27th March 1925, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Full House was the order at the concert held at the West End Club on Wednesday evening for the benefit of Mr John Fensome and Mr Jesse Burt, who have been ill for a considerable time. The artistes, all of whom gave their services, were Miss Millicent Childs, Miss Fields, Messrs Sam Wheatley, “Tiddler” Smith, Harold Letts, Rollie Cox, Clarence Griggs and Fred Bridgment, who were assisted by Mr Corrie Wood’s band. All artistes acquitted themselves admirably, every item being enthusiastically received. Mr Frank Causebrook was in the chair, and Mr W Fensome in the vice-chair. During a brief interval the Chairman thanked the artistes and band for their kindly help and services for such a deserving cause, and also thanked the company present for turning up in such large numbers. A corresponding-number competition took place during the evening for a large fish, kindly given by Mr Rollie Cox. The band gave several selections during the evening, and Mr H Kingham accompanied the songs. A final selection by the band brought a very pleasant evening to a close.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 20th March 1931, transcribed by Kay Collins

West End Club—A most enjoyable and well-attended dance was held in the large hall of the club on Wednesday evening. Mr. C. Brown was the M.C. and the music was upplied by the “Premier” dance band. Dancing was kept up until 11 o’clock. The proceeds were in aid of the Club’s Benevolent Fund.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 6th April 1931

Rushden Skittles Championship

The finalists of the Rushden Individual Skittles Championship at the West End Club.

Left to right: Mr. H. Robins (secretary), Mr. Frank Cross (president), Mr. J. Skelham (winner), Mr. C. Childs, Mr. R. George (runner-up) and Mr. W. Smith.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 1st January 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins

West End Club—The Christmas tournaments at the West End club resulted: Skittles, 1 E Rockingham, 2 F Shellard, 3 C Johnson, 4 W Rowthorne; crib, 1 C Johnson, 2 H A Hales, 3 C Barker, 4 W Rowthorne; whist, 1 H Chapman and C Johnson, 2 F Shellard and W Newman, twenty-fives, 1 B Line and T Short, 2 C Barker and W Newman. The arrangements were made by the Games Committee.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 29th January 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins

West End Club—The half-yearly meeting of the West End Club was held on Wednesday, when Mr E Lord presided, supported by Mr W Rowthorn (secretary) and Mr J Pacey (representing the auditor), the latter congratulating the club on a successful term in which a profit had been made and the mortgage considerably reduced. The books, he said, had been well kept, and the financial position was good. Mr W C Cattell was re-elected auditor, and Mr C Bishop, the retiring trustee, was re-elected. The half-yearly balance sheet showed a membership of 250. A profit of £88 was made increasing the surplus to £3,520, and receipts from refreshments were £2,476. Benevolent fund grants to members totalled £17 17s 6d.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 27th July 1934, transcribed by Kay Collins

West End Club—Mr C Barker (president) presided at the half-yearly meeting of the West End Working Men’s Club and Institute, which was held on Wednmesday. There was a fair attendance, and the balance sheet, presented by Mr J Pacey (auditor), was received with interest and adopted on the motion of Mr E Haddon. A loss on the year of £87/16/7 was revealed, but it was gratifying to learn that the overdraft at the bank was still decreasing, and was £54 less than last year at this time. Refreshments brought in £2,183, and the payments side included £308 in salaries, £168 on entertainments, and £25 on the annual dinner and the games lunch.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 28th January 1938, transcribed by Kay Collins

West End Club—The half-yearly balance sheet of the West End Club, whose meeting was held on Wednesday, shows a profit of £90 16s 6d. The bank overdraft has been reduced to £522, and there is a surplus of £3,514. Receipts from refreshments were £2,260, benevolent grants amounted to £18, and the Coal Club expended £101. There are 293 members.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 14th January 1949:

".... There were 140 members at the second session of Rushden West End Club's dinner on Wednesday. Aged members were taken by car: sick members received theirs by parcel......"

The Soundtracks
The Soundtracks

Paul Wright tells us "The lead singer was Noel Kehoe (Ebby), the drummer was Jake Ward, and one of the guitarists was John Cleaton.
I was the drummer for various sixties groups & now present the '60's Sunday' radio show on 102.3 HFM."

1960s Music

The Red Cats played here in 1957/58

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