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J-P Carr, February 1999
The Carr Family

Much of this information is from a tape recording that James & Emma's youngest child, Ellen Maud (Nellie) - (1895-1986) did with my father just before she died.

James & Emma Carr

James Carr is believed to have been born on the 6th October 1853 at Warwick, Northampton or Birmingham. A press cutting at their golden wedding says, he went down to London at an early age with his parents George and Mary Carr. From family tradition he worked as a postman alongside an Ebenezer Mantle. He met his wife Emma Loveday, who was in service in London with her sister Martha (she later married Ebenezer Mantle). The girls were servants together at Denmark Hill. Emma Loveday is believed to have been born on the 2nd February 1852 at Oundle.

James and Emma where married on the 7th November 1877 at the Registry Office at Camberwell (No.3). It is rather strange that the Newspaper cutting on their Golden Wedding from 1927 states that they were married at St. Giles', Camberwell. Their address was 16 Meeting House Lane (No.4). Recently I went to see where they lived and took a photograph of the site (No.5). Together, according to family tradition they had 13 children. Five of these are believed to be stillborn or possible miscarriages. The children were:-

1. Frederick (Fred) James - (1878-1961) 5. Arthur Henry - (1887-1971)
2. Albert Edward-(1880-1931) 6. Edith (Edie) Emma - (1888-1946)
3.  George Thomas - (1883-1926) 7. William John - (circa 1890-circa 1891)
4. Charles Emmanuel (John) - (1884-1936) 8. Ellen Maud (Nellie or Nelly) - (1895-1986)

According to the 1881 Census they were living in Oundle. By the time my Gt. Grandfather, Charles Emmanuel Carr was born in 1884 they were living at Ramsey. According to Nellie in her tape they then moved back to Oundle to live with Emma's mother in Blackpot Lane. Because there was no work they moved to Rushden. This would be about the year 1887, when their son Arthur was born at Rushden. Their address was 90 Cromwell Road, a Victorian Terrace House, now unfortunately demolished. According to Nellie, her father (James) ran a shoemaking business from his home. He also kept an allotment whilst he was in Rushden and kept a pig on it. He would sell produce at a half-penny for a cauliflower, lettuces and rhubarb and two pennies for a bunch of brussels.

By 1908 most of the family had moved out, either to lodging or where married. The only child left at home was Nellie. Due to James being unable to pay the rent he was forced to find alternative accommodation. James and Emma therefore went to live with their daughter Edith and her husband Frank Day at Ivy Cottage at the bottom of the drive of Raunds Grange - home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Warth and their children Hewart and Doris. Because there was no room at Ivy Cottage for Nellie to sleep and as she was in her last year at school, she went to stay at her brother, Fred's house in Blinco/Blenco Road. When Nellie finished school in 1908/1909 aged 13 she was employed at Raunds Grange as a live-in housemaid.

In about 1912/13 James was returning to Ivy Cottage after gardening with a pitchfork slung over his shoulder when lighting stuck the fork. He was saved by the fact that he was wearing a pair of Wellington Boots. Unfortunately, he had severe burns and also the lighting caused him to become blind in one eye. His daughter Nellie had to take him to catch a train at Irthlingborough Railway Station (about a 2 mile walk) and accompany him to Northampton hospital once a week for three months for treatment for his eye and burns.

James Carr cutting grass c1915
James Carr c1915
Due to James being unfit to work, Mr. Warth employed a new gardener and he wanted James and Emma out of their cottage. However, neither of his daughters, Edith and Nellie, would stay if their parents were not welcome and so they all moved to live in Irthlingborough.
Emma Carr about 1915
Emma Carr c1915
Daughter, Edith and family moved to 6 Lee Street in Irthlingborough. James, Emma and daughter Nellie went to live at 22 Shelton Row, a one-up, one-down cottage on Army Hill. In Irthlingborough James got a job as a gardener. Because they were poor most of their furniture was made out of orange boxes or made by James himself. Emma used to make Lace which she used to decorate the furniture with. Their children also had to pay 5/- (25p) a week for the upkeep of James and Emma whilst they lived in Irthlingborough. After Nellie was married in 1915 she moved to live in Rushden leaving James and Emma to live in Irthlingborough alone.

Emma died on 18th June 1931 at her daughter Edith's house, at 6 Lee Street. James then went to live with his daughter Nellie in Rushden and he died there on the 9th March 1932. Both of them are buried in Irthlingborough Cemetery but there is no gravestone.

Frederick James Carr

1st child of Emma and James Carr. He was born on 29th July 1878 at Oundle. He married in 1897/98 Susan Ann Potts (January 1877-February 1971). They set up home at Blinco/Blenco Road Rushden. Together they had nine children. They were more commonly called Fred and Sue.

Alfred Charles Carr (1900/1901-8/1/1989) married Florence (Flo) Oakley Had one son, two daughters
Edward Carr died (1902/03 18 months old)
Elsie May Carr (b 1903/04-12/11/1977) Arthur Julian Brayfield  no children
Frederick Leonard Carr (1906-22/3/1987)
(Married 25/12/1932)
Ada Andrews (1907-April 1987) one daughter
Lilian Rose Carr (1908) Leslie Keech two sons, one daughter
Doreen Lydia (Dolly) Carr (b 1910)
Married 26th Dec. 1932)
Leonard Bert Smith (1906/07-June 1987) 2 sons
Beatrice Ellen Eliza (Beat) Carr
(b1913 -1st Mar. Colin Essam-divorced)
George Lewis one daughter
Arthur Henry Carr (b1915) Irene Sergeant one daughter
Ronald Ralph (Ron) Carr (b13/10/1920) Gladys Hawkins one son

Albert Edward Carr

23 Purvis Road with Lizzy Carr at the gate
23 Purvis Road, Rushden
2nd child of James and Emma Carr. He was born August-October 1880 at Oundle. He married Elizabeth Lisa 'Lizzy or Lisa' Underwood in circa 1908. He lived after he was married in Allen Road, Rushden.
Albert Carr and Lizzy with their adopted daughter Ivy.
Albert, Lizzy & Ivy c 1930
In circa 1910 he swapped houses with his brother George and went to live in Station Road, Rushden. In the 1920's Albert had a house built at 23 Purvis Road, Rushden and the mortgage was ten shillings a month. Albert died in March 1931 at his brother George's house at 17 Grove Street, Wellingborough. Lizzy died in the 1950s.

Because 'Lizzy' could not have children Albert and Lizzy adopted a young girl called Ivy Roberts who's parents had been killed in a house fire. She adopted the surname of Carr. Ivy married Edward 'Ted' Hanger and continued living at 23 Purvis Road until she died in 1982.

All the persons mentioned in the will of Ivy Hanger (nee Carr, previously Roberts), are relations of her husband.

George Thomas Carr

He was born in 1883, possibly at Oundle. He married Rachael Marshall in circa 1905, possibly at Wellingborough. The lived from circa 1905-1910 at Station Road, Rushden. In circa 1910 they swapped houses with George's brother Albert and went to live in Allen Road, Rushden. In circa 1914 the family moved to 17 Grove Street, Wellingborough. Together they had four children Howard, Grace, Doris and another child who was born in 1918 and died in circa 1920.

George worked for the Palace Cinema at Rushden. In circa 1914 he was transferred to the Electric Theatre (later the Regal Cinema) in Wellingborough, and consequently he moved to Wellingborough to live. It is believed that George belonged to the local Territorial Army. During the First World War, he served in the Military Foot Police. Whilst he was serving in the War he contracted Consumption (T.B.) and on the 13th February 1926 he died aged 43. He is buried in Doddington Road Cemetery, Wellingborough and his gravestone records that he was a 'LCE/CPL Military Foot Police'.

After George died Rachael went to live at 64 Main Road, Wilby in the 1930s with her children. Their youngest child, Doris continued to live in Wilby in the house that her mother purchased. Racheal died in the 1960s.

Howard Rheid Carr (circa  1907-1936) (Married early 1930s) Alice Lillian Gregory no children
Alma Grace Carr (circa 1910-1940) no children
Doris Carr (born November 1914)    
??? Carr (1918-1919/1920)    

He married in the early 1930s Alice Lillian Gregory (born circa 1908) who the family called Lillian who was a native of Birmingham. Howard died when he was nearly 30 and was buried in the same grave as his father. They did not have any children. (The day that Howard was buried she moved back to live in Birmingham. She was last heard of as being alive in the 1980s)

Alma Grace Carr (circa 1910-1940) was the second child of George and Rachel Carr. She was commonly called Grace. She did marry, I do not know the name. Grace had a club foot and wore a large shoe.

Charles Emmanuel 'John' Carr

The fourth child of James and Emma Carr. He was born on 3rd December 1884 at High Street, Ramsey. For some reason he was always known as 'John'. He married on 20th April 1908 at St. Katharine's Church, Irchester to Alice Smith. They set up home in a Victorian Terrace house at 46 Farndish Road, Irchester and together had four children, Constance, Mabel, Frances and Reginald (commonly called Jack). 'John' worked in the shoe trade and was a foreman for Knight and Lawrence in Rushden in the 1920s until his death. 'John' died of Throat Cancer on 25th September 1936 and is buried in Irchester Cemetery. 'John' also served in the Northamptonshire Regiment during the First World War as a Lance Corporal.

Alice Smith was a native of Irchester. After she was married she helped with laying-out of dead bodies for the local Undertakers, Hardwick's, of Irchester. She was also a daily help for Mr. and Mrs. George James of Irchester Grange from whom 46 Farndish Road was rented. Alice was born on the 12 August 1887 and died on the 13th August 1960 aged 73. She is buried in Irchester Cemetery.

Arthur Henry Carr

The fifth child of James and Emma Carr. He was born on the 2nd June 1887 and died on the 20th January 1971 and was buried in Irchester Cemetery on the 25th Janurary 1971. He married Lillian 'Lily' Bayes, (1st or 8th January 1890 - 9th January 1968) who was buried in Irchester Cemetery on 13th January 1968. They were married at the Congregational Church, High Street, Wellingborough at Whitsun in circa 1909. They set-up home at Irchester, firstly living in London End and later 51 Farndish Road. Together Arthur and Lily had three children; Emily, May and Leslie.

Emily Carr (buried 26th May 1909) died aged 8 hours
May Carr (born 1st May 1922)
(Married 1946)
Dennis Sharman (Killed in Motorbike Crash)

Ron Dean (Married 3/2/1984) (born 1916)
Two Girls

Leslie 'Les' Carr (born 1924)
(Married 27th March 1948)
Louise 'Lou' Angua Nixon (nee Hawkins)
one boy and one girl

Edith Ellen Carr

The sixth child of James and Emma Carr was commonly called Edie. She was born on the 18th October 1888 at Rushden. She married Frank Day (8th April 1877 - 9th September 1961) on the 13th September 1908 at the Parish Church, Higham Ferrers.

After Edith was married, Frank got a job as a horseman/groom at Raunds Grange to the Warth family. Edith and family lived at Ivy Cottage at the bottom of the drive to Raunds Grange. Her parents also moved to live with them after her father, James, got a job as a gardener.

In late 1908/1909 Edith's sister, Nellie, after leaving school, also got a job at Raunds Grange as a housemaid. However in 1912/13 James was struck by lighting and couldn't work. Mr. Warth asked James to leave his employment. The family took offense to this and they all left the employment of Mr. Warth and went to live in Irthlingborough. The Day family went to live at 6 Lee Street. Frank got himself a job as a currier in Irthlingborough and retired in the 1940s.             

Edith died on 20th September 1946 and both her and Frank are buried in Irthlingborough Cemetery.

Alexandra (1/8/1909- 1/1/1910) buried in Raunds churchyard
Edith Ellen Day (born 20/10/1910)
(Married 26/12/1934)
James 'Ted' Harold Edward Spencer (died 26th March 1981)
Alice Day (born 5/8/1913)
(Married 9/12/1936)
Jack Brooke Cougkang
Emma 'Emmie' Day (born 10/5/1916)
(Married 8/4/1939)
Ronald Ilfffe

John 'Jack' Lilley (born 31/8/1916) (Married 12/9/1970)
Frank Day (born 12/5/1919)
(Married 14/12/1940)
Sylivia Ethel Conroy

William John Carr

The seventh child of James and Emma Carr who was born in circa 1890 and died in circa 1891.

Ellen Maud - 'Nellie' Carr

Nellie celebrating her birthday, daughter Vera and son Gordon by her side
Mrs Meadows' 90th birthday 1985
The eighth child of James and Emma Carr was born on the 12th July 1895. She attended Newton Road Schools until she was thirteen years old in 1908/1909.

In 1908, when her parents went to live at Raunds Grange, Nellie went to live with her brother Fred in Blinco Road, Rushden until she finished school. Once she had finished school she went into service as a live-in housemaid at Raunds Grange. When her father was struck by lightening in 1912/13 and consequently the family left, Nellie went to live with her parents at 22 Shelton Road, Irthlingborough, a one-up-one-down cottage.

Nellie then got a job at 'Bates' Fish and Chip Shop at Rushden. On the 26th June 1915 she married William 'Bill' John Meadows at the Parish Church, Irthlingborough. Due to her husband being away from home serving in World War One, Nellie continued to live with her parents until Bill's return in 1918/1919 when they moved to live in Rushden.

Bill had attended South End National School, Rushden and apart from service in the First World War worked in the Boot & Shoe Trade at Rushden, working as a foreman in his latter years. They lived at various houses in Rushden:- in sequence 17 Westbourne Grove, 27 Purvis Road, 115 Hall Avenue, 27 Moor Road.

Nellie died on the 26th February 1986 at the Isebrook Hospital, Wellingborough after falling down the stairs. Bill died of a heart attack at Kettering General Hospital on the 21st January 1983. Both are buried in Newton Road Cemetery.

James William Gordon Meadows (b 6/6/1916-Mar 2/8/1942) Joan Ingram (27/6/1922-24/6/1990) one son
Vera Winifred Meadows (b 5/7/1921) (Mar 18/10/1942) Gordon Bayliss (divorced)
Ralph 'Rodney' Winsor Horn (b 5/4/1913)
(Mar 29/5/1971)
one daughter

Edith Mary Pamela Meadows (24/7/1931-15/8/1931)
Vera & Ralph
Vera & her husband Ralph Horn c2005

The Lovedays

In regards to the Loveday much of the information I have copied from Census.

Thomas and Mary Ann Loveday

In the 1851 Census the family where living in Mill Road, Oundle, in the 1861,1871,1881 the Lovedays where living at Tates Row (Number 6 in 1881).

In the 1851 and 1861 Census, Thomas was a gardener. In 1871 Census he was an agricultural labourer. At the time his daughter Emma was married in 1877 he was a gardener. By the time the 1881 census was taken Thomas was again a labourer and he was still a labourer when he died on the 6th April 1893 aged 76, living in West Street, Oundle. He is buried in Oundle Cemetery alongside his wife Mary Ann who died on the 23rd January 1912 aged 93, when her residence was South Road, Oundle.

(On the tape that Nellie Carr recorded with my father she states that Mary Ann's maiden name was Cumberland and that she came from Wadenhoe.)

Note via email from Anne Holmes: Although the tape states Mary Ann was a CUMBERLAND it was in fact Mary Ann's mother who was the CUMBERLAND.

The maiden name of Mary Ann LOVEDAY was WILSON. Mary Ann's parents were George WILSON and Mary CUMBERLAND. George and Mary WILSON lived in Wadenhoe and they are both buried in the churchyard there.

Thomas and Mary Ann LOVEDAY were my great, great grandparents and their youngest son, Charles Thomas LOVEDAY, was my great grandfather.

Children of Thomas and Mary Ann Loveday

It would appear that together Thomas and Mary Ann had eight children:-

Joseph Loveday Elizabeth Loveday Martha Ann Loveday
James Edward Loveday Charles Loveday (He was born in 1850 and died in 1855) Charles Thomas Loveday
George Loveday Emma Loveday (My Great, Great Grandmother)

Together Martha and Emma met their future husbands who worked together. Emma met and married James Carr in 1877, whilst Elizabeth met someone called Ebenezer Mantle. (In the 1881 Census there is an Ebenezer Mantle boarding with Charles Loveday at an Inn on Parsonage Road, Egham. It says that Ebenzer is aged 25 (born 1845/46), a stonemason's labourer and was born at Bythorn, Huntingtonshire.)

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