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Bayes - Builders
A Baptist Family

Joseph Bays (Bayes) was born at Irchester in 1797. In 1851 the family was living in High Street. He was a stone mason and probably employing his four older sons, Charles, William, James and George, by 1851. His younger son Joseph was still at school, but eventually became a builder too.

1851 Census

























Son William had died aged just 22 in 1854 and was commemorated at the Old Top Meeting, along with a daughter Sarah aged 20. [see MI 76] Sarah was aged 7 when the 1841 census was taken, so perhaps she was working in another village 'in service' when the 1851 was recorded.

By 1871 James was aged 34, working as a mason, and living with his father aged 74 the "owner of cottages" in High Street.

Charles Bayes was employing 3 men and a boy, married and living at 46 Little Street.

William had died, and George is not in Rushden.

Joseph junior was living at 22 Little Street, married, working as a master bricklayer, and employing 2 men and a boy.

Joseph Bayes junior
was a prominent worker at the Old Top Meeting in Little Street, teaching in Sunday School and for a short period he was church secretary.

Like his father, he was a builder and lived at 102 Wellingborough Road and in 1880 he had been widowed twice, with one daughter from his first marriage to Mary Freeman and two small boys from the second marriage to Catherine White. He took as his third wife Eliza Colson aged 27, of Chelveston in 1881.

Many advertisements appeared at this time stating that tradesmen were needed in New Zealand and that land was very cheap.

He employed 4 men and 2 boys and had just completed building a row of houses in Wellingborough Road, but at the age of 38 he felt that there were too many builders in the town, it was time for him to look further afield. [He also built a factory for John Cave following a fire in 1877]

In 1882 the family emigrated to New Zealand.

The row in Wellingborough Road, adjoins 78, with name above the door
Bayes - no 78
Gladstone Terrace Plaque
Bayes - no 78
Gladstone Terrace 1878 - nos 80-92

Charles Bayes had married Clara Knight in 1851. Clara was daughter of John and Maria Knight, and was a schoolmistress. By 1861 they had two children, Jane born 1858 and George in 1859. In 1871 Charles Bayes was employing 3 men and a boy, and they had Ebenezer born 1862, Sarah L in 1864, Charles E in 1866, and William F in 1869. A daughter Sarah R completed the family in 1872. They lived at 46 Little Street. (demolished in 1954/6)

He built 59 Little Street in 1888, as a general store and drapery. His wife Clara was the draper, and her assistant was Clara, daughter of her son George.

George was a clicker, and married Clara Jane Skinner, daughter of William and Elizabeth, of Raunds, in 1880. They lived in Crabb Street.

Early in 1891, Charles E Bayes married Lily Wing of Wellingborough, and they lived at Rosebery Villa in Victoria Road. At the time Griffith Street was under construction, and the family built several houses, and Charles and Lily soon moved moved there.

Gladstone House 1891
Gladstone House
A D Gladstone House 1891
36 Griffith Street
Mr Charles E Bayes (builder) lived here,
and later Mr and Mrs Percy Collins

Colwyn House
date stone Bradley House
Colwyn House No 40 & Bradley House No 38 were built in 1892

By 1901 Charles had retired and was living at 40 Griffith Street. His son Charles E was the builder and contractor, now aged 35, living close by his parents at Gladstone House. At number 24 son George, now sanitary inspector and school attendance officer, aged 41. He lived at Mansfield Villa in Griffith Street. The town surveyor and architect of many 'Civic Pride' buildings, William B Madin lived at 38, so had perhaps helped design the houses.

Manfield Villas 1891
Manfield Crafts trade here
Manfield Villas 1891
George Bayes, chosen as school attendance officer in 1890, lived here in 1903
Nos 24 & 22 - The frontage was first altered in 1960 by Willmott Photographic

Charles senior died in 1902 and Clara his wife in 1907. They are buried in Rushden Cemetery, Grave B526/527.

In affectionate remembrance of Charles BAYES born 8th June 1829 died 14th July 1902. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord". Also of Clara wife of the above born 6th March 1830 died 16th June 1907 "her children arise up and call her blessed". 

Charles Ernest Bayes died in 1925; his wife Lily Ada had died the previous year. They are buried in Rushden Cemetery, Grave C118/119.

In affectionate remembrance of Charles Ernest BAYES entered into rest Oct 17 1925 aged 60 years. And of Lily Ada devoted wife of the above released from pain July 9 1924 aged 54 years. Also of Grace Lilian their daughter and beloved wife of Arthur B ADAMS who fell asleep Dec 26 1924 aged 32 years. Until the day break.

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