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The Evening Telegraph, Tuesday, October 29, 1907, transcribed by Greville Watson
Claridge - Knight


Captain C. R. Claridge and Miss Jessie Knight Married at Rushden

The handsome Baptist Church in Park-road, Rushden, was the centre of unusual interest this (Tuesday) afternoon, when the marriage was solemnised of Miss Jessie Knight, only daughter of Councillor Fred Knight, J.P., of the Old Rectory, Rushden, and Mr. Charles Raymond Claridge, solicitor, youngest son of Mr. Ebenezer Claridge, of The Hayway, Rushden. The esteem in which both families are held was manifested by the large congregation which assembled in the church and by the congratulations which were showered upon the bride and bridegroom by guests and friends generally. Mr. Claridge is also the captain of the O Company 1st V.B., N.R., and is held in high regard by the officers and men under his command, who were present in goodly numbers.

Whilst the guests were assembling the organist (Mr. George Farey) played appropriate music, including the “Marche Nuptiale” (Barnard), “Benediction Nuptiale” (Hollins), “March” (Guilmant), “Andantino” (Lemare), and “Bridal march.” Floral decorations artistically executed by Messrs. J. Seckington and Son, adorned the dais, pulpit, and choir stalls. The officiating minister was the Rev. W. F. Harris, assisted by the Rev. J. Hirst Hollowell, of Rochdale.

The bridge, who was given away by her father, looked charming in an exquisite gown of ivory crepe-de-chine over glace silk, the full skirt being handsomely trimmed  with a panel of “filet-lace,” also the hem, at the bottom, and a wide band of ivory panne, finished off daintily with ball fringe. The bodice was composed of a louarve of the same lace. The louarve was finished with chiffon roses. She carried a shower bouquet of lillies of the valley, white roses, stephanotis, tuberoses, and white heather.

Mrs. Knight, the bride’s mother, wore a gown of postal mauve, silk eclienne, trimmed with a darker shade of velvet and Paris embroidered ninon and lace. Her hat was of dark mauve glace silk, with full swathed crown of same shade and darker plumes.

The bride was attended by three bridesmaids, Miss Ella Parsons, Miss Hilda Hollowell, and Miss Lucy Colson. They were attired in dainty gowns of vieux rose silk voile, very prettily made, with Paris net frilled sleeves, and trimmings of black and vieux rose, filet insertion, and taffeta bands. They wore large picture hats composed of vieux rose glace silk and velvet, with trimmed creations of dahlias, foliage and ribbon to tone, and finished with the necessary touch of black. They carried bouquets of pink rose buds. The bridegroom’s best man was Mr. William Dudley, of Wellingborough, and of Fountain Court Temple, E.C.

The hymns sung in the church were “Eternal love” and “O love divine and golden.” After the ceremony the organist played “O, rest in the Lord” (Mendelssohn), and gave a stirring rendering of Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” as the happy couple left the church. A guard of honour was formed outside the church by the officers of the Volunteer Company.

A reception was subsequently held at the Old Rectory, and later Mr. and Mrs. Claridge left by the 5.28 train from Irchester for London, en route for Brighton, where the honeymoon will be spent. The bride’s travelling costume was of blue face cloth trimmed with white cloth and green silk vest, with black military braid. She wore a charming hat made of Lincoln green and cinnamon shot silk, with large ostrich mount at side, finished with gold passmenterie and knot of velvet.

The list of handsome presents received included the following:- Bride to bridegroom, suit case; bridegroom to bride, garnet pendant and gold chain; mother of bride, trousseau, house linen, and bedroom suite; father of bride, gold watch and cheque; mother of bridegroom, cheque; father of bridegroom, cheque; Mr. and Mrs Oliver Claridge, cheque; Mr. and Mrs. John Mason, cheque; Mr. G. H. Claridge, kit bag; Messrs. R. F., J. O. and A. F. Knight, brass Adams decorated coal scuttle, tongs, and fire screen; Mr. Harold G. Knight (Saskatchewan, Canada), wolf skin rug; Mr. C. L. Bradfield, cheque and pair of pictures; Mrs. Bradfield, household requisites; Mr. William Dulley, silver hot water jug; silver tea and coffee services and oak tray bearing inscription: “Presented to Capt. C. R. Claridge by the officers, N.C.O.’s, and men of O Company 1st V.B. Northants Regiment on the occasion of his marriage, 29th October, 1907”; employees of Mr. Fred Knight, case of cutlery; employees of Messrs. E. Claridge and Sons. Ltd., silver tray; members of the Rushden Volunteer Band, case of pipes and tobacco jar; Mr. and Mrs. John Claridge,[….]; Mrs. Charles Claridge, dinner and tea services; Mr. and Mrs. W. Claridge (Northampton), silver cream jug; Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Knight, lamb skin rug; Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bayes, case of carvers; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Amor (London), table silver and case of fish knives and forks; Mr. and Mrs. George S. Mason, pair of pastel drawings; Mr. and Mrs. Verel (Wood Norton Hall), silver toilet brushes and mirror; Mr. W. Hirst Simpson (Chelveston), Gillette safety razor; Mr. and Mrs. Lewin (Wellingborough), silver table spoons; Dr. and Mrs. Baker, silver muffineers; Mrs. Edwin Knight, sugar dredger; Mr. S. H. Cook (Wellingborough), celery glass in silver stand; Mr. and Mrs. J. Wykes Ashdowne, silver knife rests; Mr. Hanbury Ashdowne, silver sovereign purse; Mr. A. H. Rice (Northampton), mahogany cabinet; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Knight (Northampton), silver sugar basin; Mr. W. G. Linsell (Little Waltham), silver cake basket; Mr. and Mrs. A. Gough (Streatham), pewter ink stand; Mr. and Mrs. T. Patenall, silver crumb scoop; Mr. and Mrs. Brazier, pair of brass candlesticks; Miss Clark (Higham Ferrers), silver butter dish and knife and antique oak stand; Mrs. Clark, oak chest; Mr. and Mrs. Catlow (Darwen), knife machine; Mrs. Harrison and Miss Starling (Mulece Rectory), silver cake knife; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wheeler, mirror; Mr. S. Corby and family (Wellingborough), case of silver spoons; Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Knight, silver candlesticks; Mr. and Mrs. Addison, lace handkerchief; Mr. and Mrs. F. Shortland, silver mounted specimen glasses; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chettle, silver photograph frame; Mrs. Tailby, afternoon tea cloth; Mrs. J. T. Mackness, damask table cloth; Rev. and Mrs. Hirst Hollowell, “Tibet and Nepal” by Savage Landor; Miss Hilda Hollowell (Rochdale), marqueterie stool; Miss Ella Parsons (Irthlingborough), silver toast rack; Miss Lucy Colson, hand-painted scarf; Mr. and Mrs. George Parsons (Irthlingborough), silver-mounted claret jug; Mrs. W. Colson, netted d’oyleys; Miss Hilda Ford (London), afternoon tea cloth; Mr. and Mrs. Algernon Baker, cut glass dishes; the Misses Smith, oil painting; Mrs. C. Parker, silver-mounted paper knife; Mr. and Mrs. S. Field, drawing-room clock; Mr. G. Claridge (Northampton), tea cosy; Miss Annie Robinson (Liverpool), silver-mounted vases and scales; Mr. and Mrs. George Miller, pair of silver candlesticks; Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Ward, silver tea spoons, sifter, and tongs; Mrs. H. F. Stanley (Kettering), pewter photo frame; Mr. W. L. Randell (London), amber hair comb; Mr. Arch. Gibbs (London), album; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cave, silver-mounted salts; Miss Jennie Tusting (Cambridge), brass snuffers and tray; Miss Millicent Tusting (Cambridge), table centre; Miss Jessie Tusting (Cambridge), duchesse cloth; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Webb, brass inkstand; Mr. Herbert Sargent (Plymouth), brass mounted coal scuttle; Miss May Smith (Birmingham), silver-mounted purse; Mr. W. H. Moody, barometer; Mrs. Whitemore (Bedford), pair of vases; Lizzie, copper kettle; Gertrude, glass dishes; Sarah and Millicent, brass tray and bread board; John and Mrs. Gaunt, copper tray; Mrs. Harris, tray cloth; Messrs. Green and Valentine (Wellingborough), damask table cloth; Mrs. A. Cooper (Richmond), flower stand; Mrs. Corbett, Doulton jug; Mrs. Newton (Wellingborough), cut glass scent bottles; Mrs. Carrington, copper mounted coal scuttle; Mr. and Mrs. Wright Lewin, tea caddy and old china plate; Miss Heath, pair of vases; Mrs. Wills, pillow lace; Mrs. J. Bettles (Newton Bromshold), pillow lace; Mrs. Packwood, glass cake stand; Mr. C. F. Wyldes, silver toast rack; Mr. J. Hirst Hollowell, jun. (Manchester), fish carvers.

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