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Rushden Echo & Argus, 18th August 1944
Mrs. Eliza Rose Farrar

Still Helping Others
Rushden Nursing Veteran is Ninety-One

Many congratulations were received by Mrs. Eliza Rose Farrar of 58 Crabb-street, Rushden, on attaining the age of 91 years last Sunday.

Mrs. Farrar was born at Riseley, Beds., and came to Rushden 66 years ago, residing at her present address for 30 years. Her husband died ten years ago.

The couple had seven children—five girls and two boys— of whom six survive. There is a daughter each in America. Surrey, Higham Ferrers and Irchester-road, Rushden, one son in Canada and another in Irchester-road. In addition there are 17 grandchildren and 11 great­grandchildren. Six of the grandsons are in the Forces; one, Sig. Ronald Farrrar is in India, and two others in Italy.

Mrs Farrar has always held the greatest interest in nursing, and 40 years ago this month gained her first certificate in the St. John Ambulance Brigade, of which she still remains a member. She informs us that before that time she did nursing and that people still come to her for advice.

Several gifts and cards of congratulation have been received by Mrs Farrar, and the gifts include groceries, eggs, a bottle of port wine and money.

Since celebrating her birthday Mrs. Farrar has learned that she has become a great-great-grandmother. Her latest descendant, a boy, was born on August 7th at Detroit, U.S.A

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