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Stanley Knight & Family

A S Knight in Bulgaria in 1919
Arthur Stanley Knight was born in 1894, the son of James Frederick Knight, jeweller, and Louisa M, of Higham Road. He was always known as Stanley.

The family moved to the White House, Grove Road.

Stanley served in WWI and the photograph (right) was taken in Bulgaria in 1919. He has a red cross on his sleeve, above his sergeant's stripes. From the Absent Voters list 1918 - 22509 Sgt. A S Knight of the R.A.M.C.

Stanley Knight married Elsie Gladys Sharwood in 1923 at the Park Road Baptist Church. Elsie was the daughter of Frank Joseph Sharwood, of Selwood & Co Ltd.

No 58 & No 56
Mayfield - No 58 & No 56 Grove Road
Stanley and Elsie had two children, Michael born 1926, and Christine born 1931.

They lived at 58 Grove Road, opposite The White House, where Elsie's grandfather lived.

Stanley was now a house furnisher, with a shop at 20 High Street. His brother Geoff was next door in the jewellers.

Michael painted two pictures of the Sharwood and Knight family homes, in Park Road and Grove Road in 1998.

Christine Knight married David Reeves in 1961.

Stanley died in 1964, and Elsie died in 1971.
Their names are commemorated on Wall 5 in Rushden Cemetery.

The White House
Painted by Michael Knight, 1998

Stanley, George, Dorothy and
J F Knight
Stanley in later life

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