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Biographical Notes, by Bob York, 2019
PC Tom Lewis
Police Constable 269 Thomas (Tommy) LEWIS

Like so many of his generation, after service in the 2nd World War and post war Germany, Tommy joined the then Northamptonshire Constabulary, during 1952.

After initial short periods of service at both Corby and Kettering, he was transferred to Rushden Police Station during approx 1954/55, where he served for the remainder of his career retiring in approx 1977.

In truth he was probably the longest serving Police Officer ever at Rushden, and the family lived in a police house in Roberts Street.

PC Tom Lewis
Tommy with his two sons
Simon and Andrew c1966
Initially he performed uniformed shift duties but for a great number of years he was the Residential Beat Officer for Rushden Town and was frequently seen patrolling around the area both on foot and by bike.

Many youngsters of that era could best describe Tom's methods of restorative justice!!

He had a great love of outdoor pursuits from rabbiting, shooting and fishing to organising beaters for local pheasant shoots.

During this time (50's through to early 70's) life was extremely difficult (financially) for police officers as policing was extremely poorly paid.  Many colleagues were able to supplement their income by 'beating' on shoots organised by Tom and were always grateful to him for that opportunity.

Tom was also 'no mean' footballer and before joining the police he was believed to be 'on the books' with Hereford United FC. Following his appointment as a Police Officer he played for the then Northampton and County Constabulary Football Team on numerous occasions and during 1962 he was awarded that Police Force Sportsman of the Year Trophy.

PC Lewis leaving the Police Station
After retiring from the Police, Tom was employed as School Meals delivery driver, with the ENDC in Environmental Health, and as a Site Manager. He finally retired from employment at 65.

He continued in his countryside pursuits (mentioned above) whilst fit and able in his retirement but unfortunately died in 2017.

The author of this note recalls that upon being posted to Rushden as a newly appointed Constable during 1969, he approached Tom who was a well respected and knowledgeable (although noted for his rather brusque manner) local officer for some advice concerning a difficult matter.

After listening to the query Tom replied in his individual style - 'Boy, go and ask your Sergeant he gets paid for that!!'

That was typical of the man. 

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