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Rushden Echo, 17th June 1927, transcribed by Kay Collins
John William Lymage
Ex-Lancer’s Death at Rushden
Formerly Constable at Bedford – Official of British Legion

We much regret to record the death, which occurred on Friday last at Homeleigh, St. Crispin Estate, Rushden, of Mr. John William Lymage, aged 35, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Lymage. Deceased was a member of the Northamptonshire County Constabulary before the war. He transferred to the Bedford Borough Police Force, and on Dec. 10th 1915, he joined the 12th Royal Lancers. He was drafted to Ireland and went right through the rebellion there in 1916. From Ireland he went to France, in November 1916, and was seriously wounded in April 1917. As a result he was brought back to England, being admitted to various hospitals, including the Higham Ferrers V.A.D., where he was treated from April 1918 to October of the next year. He was discharged from Cambridge Hospital in May 1919.

He lived with his parents from the time of his discharge until his death. Although Mr. Lymage looked in fine healthy condition, he was a great sufferer from abscesses which had been caused by his war wounds. He underwent many operations, but did not gain much benefit. Unable to return to his duties in the Police Force or to do any sustained work, Mr. Lymage interested himself in his garden and in poultry-keeping. He was greatly esteemed by his friends, being of a cheery disposition, even though ill.

He was a member of the General Committee of the Rushden branch of the British legion and a member of the National Deposit Friendly Society. Towards the end of last month Mr. Lymage was admitted to Northampton general Hospital, but despite all efforts to prolong his life he passed away. Mr. and Mrs. J. Lymage were resident in Ditchford station up to the time of the retirement of Mr. Lymage, sen., when the station was closed.

The funeral of Mr. J. W. Lymage took place at Irthlingborough on Tuesday. The grave had been bricked, and the coffin was of plain oak with silver fittings and mauve handles.

In ever loving memory of John, the dearly beloved husband of Sarah Elizabeth Lymage who died June 17th 1928
aged 65 years.

Also their beloved son John William, 12th Royal Lancers who died June 3rd 1927 after 10 years suffering, aged 35 years.

Also their beloved daughter Annie Ellen Dickens who died April 14th 1978 aged 80 years.

Also her beloved husband Sidney Dickens who died November 16th 1982
aged 83 years.


Further research: J. W. Lymage born Lilbourne joined the Police Force on 4th April 1912. He was promoted to 2nd class Constable 1st Nov 1912, and resigned 31st March 1915 (when he enlistd)

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