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Rushden Echo, 26th February 1926, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mrs Deborah Sharwood
Death of Mrs F J Sharwood
Rushden Loses Valued resident – Striking Tribute at Funeral Service

After a number of years as an invalid, her sufferings patiently borne, the death took place on Monday at noon of Mrs Deborah Sharwood, aged 60 years, wife of Mr F J Sharwood, at their residence in Park-road, Rushden. The deceased was the elder daughter of the late Mr Andrew Corby and a sister of Mr Fred Corby and Mrs H Collins. About four or five years ago Mrs Sharwood underwent an operation for rheumatoid arthritis, and again about twelve months ago she visited an eminent specialist in London, for the purpose of undergoing another operation.

For the last 40 years Mrs Sharwood had been a devoted member of the old “Top Meeting” and of the Park-road Baptist Church. She was for many years secretary of the Women’s Missionary Association, an office to which she was regularly elected year after year in appreciation of her services, though she was not always able to attend the meetings of the association. Until a few months ago Mrs Sharwood attended services on Sunday and other gatherings, being taken to the church in her wheel chair. She was a much-valued leader of the Church. Mrs Sharwood was also associated with the cause of Liberalism in Rushden.

The marriage of Miss Corby and Mr Sharwood took place about 32 years ago. Of the marriage there are living two sons, Mr Harold and Mr Fred Sharwood, and four daughters, Miss Alice Sharwood, Mrs A S Knight, Miss Maud Sharwood and Miss Florence Sharwood. Miss Alice Sharwood is the secretary of the Rushden Trades Hospital Committee, and Miss Maud Sharwood is the head of the Deaf and Dumb Institute, Derby. Mr F J Sharwood is a principal of the firm Messrs. Selwood and Co, boot manufacturers.

The Funeral

took place yesterday afternoon, a service in the Park-road Baptist Church being followed by the interment at the cemetery. The family mourners were Mr F J Sharwood (husband), Miss A Sharwood, Miss M Sharwood, Miss F Sharwood (daughters), Mr Harold Shgarwood, Mr Fred Sharwood (sons), Mr and Mrs A S Knight (son-in-law and daughter), Mr and Mrs F Corby (brother and sister-in-law), Mrs H Collins (sister), Mr and Mrs Bert Sharwood (brother-in-law and sister-in-law), Mr and Mrs William Stewart, of Bedford, Miss Ada Green (cousins), Mr and Mrs John Corby, Mr and Mrs Cyril Potton, Mr Fred Collins, Miss Evelyn Corby, Mr Harold Corby (nephews and nieces), Mrs S C Brightwell, Mrs Suntherland, Mrs Thompson, of Wellingborough, and Miss Hylda Gates (friends).

There were also present Mr and Mrs J F Knight, Mr and Mrs G Selwood, and Dr Greenfield (family medical adviser). The Baptist Church representatives were Messrs J Sykes, John Willmott, H Lack, E Harris, C A K Green, and Horace Wright (deacons), Mrs F Bayes, and Miss Williams (deaconesses), Mesdames E Harris, J Sykes, E Denton, Maddock, Winters, Ginns, F S Knight, Hollowell, C Richardson, Horace Wright, and Ablett and Miss E Dickens (Baptist Women’s Missionary Association), Mr J T Colson (Chelveston Baptist Mission), Mr Bernard C Tomkins (choirmaster of Park-road Baptist Church). Rushden Liberal Association was represented by Mr J Tomkins and Mr G S North. Others were Mr Harry Selwood, Mrs F Welwood, Mr and Mrs W B Sanders, Mr and Mrs C Cross, the Rev J B Goodridge, Messrs G H Groome, C Putnam, C L Bradfield, B Ladds, C W Horrell, C.A., J.P., A Sargent, J Lack, A Gadsby, A Clayton, R Marriott, W E Capon, Joseph Knight, S C Brightwell, F Green (of Messrs Green and Coe), C J Desborough (Northants Leather Corporation), C H Battle (Northants Hospital Week Committee), Mr, Mrs and Miss Tarry, Mr J F Cook, and Mr J T Bettles. The firm of Messrs G Selwood & Co closed after dinner until 3.30. There were present as appointed representatives of the staff and employees Mrs Williams, Miss Lovell, Messrs J Maddock, G Ambridge, H Penness, and F Deane. Many other sympathisers were present.

Rev J A Sutherland, who conducted the service stated at the beginning of his address that the Rev H J Horn (a former pastor of the Church) and Mrs Horn had telegraphed a message of tribute to Mrs Sharwood’s life of unswerving devotion and high Christian fortitude and her true motherhood. Mr Sutherland said they all identified themselves with that message, and he referred to Mrs Sherwood’s close association with that Church. He said they had all been profoundly impressed with her great courage, in suffering that sometimes amounted to torture. Her courage was of a quality that surpassed that for which the V.C. has been granted on the battlefield on some occasions. Closely akin to it were her patience and endurance. She had fought the good fight, sometimes hardly conscious that she was fighting, so weak was she. Her cheerfulness never failed. She frequently greeted visitors with a smile, and, more marvellous still, song would be on her lips. Her wonderful industry, her activity with her hands, was her relief from suffering. Up to the last she was planning and making and was dissatisfied if she had not accomplished anything. She had been one of the most devoted worshippers at that church, one of the most intelligent of mothers. Mr Sutherland concluded with an expression of the deepest sympathy of the Church with the bereaved relatives.

Mr J Lindsay Clipson, A.R.C.O., at the organ, played appropriate items of music, and the congregation sang the hymns “Jesu, Lover of my soul”, and Jerusalem, my happy home.”

[a list of wreaths follows]

Messrs Whittington and Tomlin carried out the funeral arrangements.

Mr F J Sharwood and family with to thank all friends who have sent messages of sympathy in their heavy bereavement, and for the floral tributes.

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