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Mary Lucy Pendered

Mary Lucy Pendered, daughter of Thomas Pendered, auctioneer, and Elizabeth (nee Hill), was born in Peckham, but she spent much of her life living in Wellingborough.

In 1892 she moved to London to become a journalist. Mary also wrote short stories for periodicals, and wrote letters to the newspapers on topics such as women’s suffrage and pacifism.

During the early years of the First World War, Mary lived at Herne Bay, where she became President of the Herne Bay Society for Women’s Suffrage. At a social club for soldiers, Mary offered the men tea, biscuits, and games.

As an accomplished pianist, Mary wrote articles for the Musical Times, and other publications.  

In 1917 Mary returned to Wellingborough, and here she was elected President of the Branch of the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies.

In the 1920s she had influence on H.E. Bates, whilst he was working as a journalist for the Kettering 'Reminder'.  

In 1926 she wrote a play, which was first performed in Rushden.

The Play - first performed in Rushden - 1926.
first played in Rushden

title page

Amos Harlock of Harlock's Bank.
Hannah Harlock Wife of Amos Harlock.
Nathanael Harlock Son of Amos Harlock.
Anchoret Harlock Daughter of Amos Harlock.
Baron Milcombe of Milcombe House.
The Hon. Peregrine Coverley Son of Baron Milcombe.
The Hon. Laetitia Coverley  Daughter of Baron Milcombe.
Captain Montague Lushington A friend of Peregrine Coverley.
Lord Charles Byng Another friend.
Mr. Tripp Dapperley A Court gossip.
Mrs. Tabitha Prewde A widow, companion to Laetitia.


to Mrs. Harlock.

ACT   1.
A sitting-room in Amos Harlock's private house at Bishopsgate.

ACT   2.
A pleasance in the garden of Baron Milcombe's house
in Leicester Fields.

ACT   3.
Scene 1.    A closet in Amos Harlock's house.

Scene 2.    In Lord Milcombe's garden, as before.

ACT   4.
Repeat Act 1.

Period 1754.

The booklet was printed by The Echo Press, Rushden.

Mary was also a friend of George Harrison, a Northamptonshire poet and artist. He gave Mary a copy of his book published in 1928, and added his inscription. George also wrote a poem about Rushden.

book cover inscription
Book cover & inscription

During her life Mary wrote 29 books and plays.

Mary Lucy Pendered died on 19th December 1940 at Beechwood, Overstone Park, and was cremated at Kettering.

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