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From an archive copied and presented by Kay Collins, 2020
Seckington Family

Created from an archive of photographs and newsclips given to RDHS by Mr Arthur Wright of Chelveston. The photographs will be donated to Rushden Museum. Several newsclips have been transcribed and added to our website, with links back to this page. KC, 2020.

Jonathan Seckington was born 1824 Helmdon, and he married Christiana Humphrey, also of Helmdon, in 1844.

Their children were William born in 1845, Jonathan in 1849, Ezekiel in 1851, Luke in 1862 and Caroline in 1868. By 1861 Jonathan senior was sexton, William was working as a clergyman's servant, and Jonathan and Ezekiel were ploughboys.

In 1871 Jonathan junior was working at Finedon as a groom, but two years later had taken up the role of Rural Postman at Rushden.

with his postbag Christiana
Two portraits by S Powell

Jonathan in his unform c1902 with 5 good conduct stripes and his mother Christiana c1900

Here he met Sarah Ann Tarry of Moulton, and they were married in 1874.

Jonathan had established his nursery business by 1878. Their son Harry Montague was born in 1874.

Jonathan senior died in 1876, and Christiana moved to Rushden with her remaining children:-

Ezekiel married Ellen Draper of Higham Ferrers in 1877. They lived in Alfred Street, and had Willie c1888 and Rose A c1892, before moving to Higham Ferrers, where Percy c1897, and Ralph C c1900 completed their family. Ezekiel was working as a currier. His son Willie worked as a clicker, and he married Winnie F Browning in 1910, and moved to 16 Kimbolton Road, Higham Ferrers. They had a daughter Annie in 1911.
The parcel contained a box with these ivory items within.

Courtesy of Rushden Museum

Luke enroled in the Army in 1881. He had sent a parcel, to his brother Jonathan, from India, containing a gift to himself of ivory pieces.

But sadly, whilst fighting in the Sikkim campaign in Tibet, Luke was killed in 1888 so he didn't return to take possession of them. [donated to Rushden Museum some years ago]

Caroline Mercy was married at the age of 21, to William Williams Holland, aged 29, colour sergeant of the 1st Battalion The Queen's, at St Mary's Church, Rushden, on 9th April 1889.

By 1891 Christiana was resident in one of Rushden's Almshouses in Wellingborough Road.

Christiana outside
her home c1900

In 1904 Christiana died.
Family c1900
Photo by Samuel Powell
c1900 - standing: Mary E and Harry Montague Seckington
seated: Jonathan, Christiana and Sarah Ann Seckington

Harry Montague Seckington married Mary Eliza Hammond in 1896. He was working alongside his father in the business, and was living in Woburn Place. Harry was also one of the Firemen and attended several fires between 1900 and 1910. The shop had a sign above the doorway.

1901 map of Woburn Place and the old Fire Station

c1903 Harry, Mary & Jonathan
Harry, Mary & Jonathan c1903
Photo taken by Philip Baker of Robinson Road.
Philip was only in Rushden for a short time.
In 1901 he was a sorting clerk and telegraphist at the Post Office. In 1908 he left the town.

The North Wiltshire Herald, c March 1904

West Hendred - Gift To The Church
A handsome oak hymn-board has been fixed in the Church as a present from Mr F. Setchington, florist, of Rushden, Northants, in token of grateful affection to the Vicar, to whom he was servant 36 years ago at Helmdon, Northants.
[So in 1868 before coming to Rushden, perhaps should read J or E Seckington?]

Jonathan retired in 1907 from the Postal service have served for 34 years. The first seven years he was based at Higham Ferrers Post Office, as Rushden was then a sub-office, but his round was always Rushden and Wymington.

In uniform with long service medal

1907 Jonathan Seckington in his uniform with long service medal
& six stripes of good conduct awards.

Imperial Service Medal (ISM) awarded to selected long-standing Post Office employees upon retirement.

Imperial Service Medal

Harry and Mary had two girls, Winifred Audrey May (known as May) born in 1900 and Violet Constance born in 1908, but neither married.

May & Violet with their parents 1911
1911 4th Sept M E, W A May, Violet C & H M Seckington

Harry often advised his friends on gardening and plants and in the 1930s encouraged Mr Reg Moisey, the Cemetery Caretaker, to take exams with RHS. [perhaps Harry had taken the exams too?] Reg went there for coaching every Saturday evening and Harry taught him all the Latin names for the flowers. Reg took his daughter, Kath (later Griffin), to the nursery sometimes and talking in 2010, she said:

Mr. Seckington’s House was stone built and you had to go up a lot of steps to the shop floor. That was the door that we used to go in. There was a big slope up. He had a big garden with all sorts of flowers. There was a passage way between Timpson’s Shoe shop and Mr. Seckington’s shop and then next to that was “The Chocolate Box.” I don’t know if the passageway is still there. It came out in Rectory Road. He had green houses and cold frames to grow different plants in......”

Harry died in 1939 aged 64, Mary died in 1950 aged 79, May died in 1990, and Violet in 2011 aged 102.

Burials at Rushden Cemetery - Graves C 422 & C 423

04 Mar






C 423

22 Jan





C 422

04 Feb






C 423

22 Aug






C 422

26 Oct






C 423

Inscription: To the memory of Jonathan SECKINGTON born September 13 1849 died January 18 1924. Also Sarah Ann his wife born March 7 1856 died August 20 1930.
In loving remembrance of Harry Montague SECKINGTON died March 1st 1939 aged 64 years. "In God's keeping". Also his wife Mary Eliza SECKINGTON died Feb 1st 1950 aged 79 years. Rest eternal grant them O Lord.
In loving remembrance of Winifred Audrey May SECKINGTON 1900-1990.

Family Obituaries

The collection of photographs and newsclips were in Violet's possession. When Violet died in 2011 aged 102, with no close relatives they were passed to a distant relative, and have now been donated to us. They will be given to Rushden Museum.

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