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Geo. Selwood & Co.

The new factory in Harvorough Road
Mr George Selwood
Mr F J Sharwood
The Factory
George Selwood
F J Sharwood

Trade Marks - “G. S. Brand”, “Adelphi”, “Reliable”.

Mr F Sharwood H B Selwood son of George
F Sharwood-representative
H B Selwood
The Firm commenced business in the year 1890 in the back premises of Mr. G. Selwood’s private residence, when boots were closed, made and finished in the homes of the workpeople. Being established on the sound business principle of giving good honest value for money it grew and flourished, and a new factory was built in the Harborough Road in 1893. In 1895 Mr. F. J. Sharwood came into the firm, and the business increased and multiplied, and additions had to be made to the factory with a view of doubling the output, and in 1910 a branch factory was added in Higham Ferrers. The partnership was increased by the addition of Mr. H. B. Selwood, only son of the senior partner. The progress of the business continuing, a fine large factory was erected in Harborough Road, which they now occupy. It is fitted with all the latest machinery for modern shoe manufacture, and the firm are producing good reliable men’s and youths’ medium class goods in welted and machine sewn. They do a large trade in England, Scotland, Ireland, on the Continent and the Colonies, and place such excellent value on the market that they are always fully occupied and busy producing footwear. At present they are making large quantities for the British and Allied Governments. Mr. H. B. Selwood has since Oct. 1915, been serving with R.A.M.C. “somewhere in France”.

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