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By courtesy of the Company

Davies Odell Ltd

Davies Odell Ltd. moved to Portland Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, the county which is widely regarded as the shoemaking capital of the world, in 1990.

Over 150 years a strong reputation for producing robust components using high quality raw materials for the boot and shoe trade has been built.

Today their soles and heels are much in demand by some of the greatest names in shoemaking.

The ITSHIDE brand represents quality, reliability and great value for money.

The entrance to the old Fred Hawkes factory in 2008
Now the 'Itshide' factory of Davies Odell Ltd


1863 - Davies & Co founded

1919 - I.T.S. Rubber Company founded

1930s/40s - Commando soles on army boots issued to British Armed Forces

1959 - Odell Components founded

1985 - Dinky Heel acquires ITSHIDE brand from I.T.S. Rubber

1989 - Dinky Heel and Odell Components merge

2005 - Davies & Co and Odell Components merge to form Davies Odell

The Company is based in a factory where a new insert for soles: the NV Insert, was invented by Fred Hawkes in 1960.

The company is making soles and heels for the shoe trade:

Studded Soles & Heels for golfers shoes.

BritGrip Soles & Heels have a tread design based on the corner of the Union Jack.

Commando Boots worn by soldiers in WWII. They are still favoured for military wear and workwear.

heel tips
Heel Tips
sole & heels
Studded, BritGrip and Commando Soles and Heels

Commando boot
Commando Boots

Polyurathane Heel Tips for ladies high heeled shoes. The dinner plate with hundred of tips, showing a variety of colours that are available.

The latest products being made at Rushden are matting and body armour.

Interlocking Matting for play areas and gymnasiums.

Interlocking Matting

"Equimat" and for stables, yards, tack rooms, trailers, farms etc."Farmat"

Equimat for stables

"Forcefield" Body Armour for motor sports etc. To protect against injury and absorb impact friction, the suit is breathable, and designed to be worn under leathers or sports suits.

armour suit
Undersuit with Body Armour on
chest, elbow and shoulder

Body Armour to be strapped on outside the clothing.

External Body Armour

The Trademarks
The Trademarks

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