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John White's - Manton Road Factory

Manton Road
Manton Road factory

Rushden Echo, 29th April 1927, transcribed by Kay Collins

Mr John White has now opened his new factory in Manton-road. The work in this branch will be mainly of the M.S. and stitched boots for strong wear.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 8th July 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins

New Business Development
Rushden Factory for Boys’ Boots

A welcome extension of enterprise is announced by Messrs. John White (Impregnable Boots) Ltd., of Rushden, who have this week re-opened their Manton-road factory after equipping it solely for the manufacture of youths’ and boys’ footwear.

This new venture in specialisation was planned some time ago and brought to notice in the “Echo and Argus.” It has taken several weeks to refit the factory and prepare it for intensive production, but Mr. John White informs us that the departments will come into action in rapid succession, so that within a few days the factory will be in full swing.

Still better in these times of slack trade and keen competition is the statement that a good run of business is practically assured.

All the boots and shoes for young people will bear the “Impregnable” brand.

Christmas 1959/60

Back row: Agnes Clark, Madge Pinnock.
Middle row: Carol Mackness, Carol Robinson, Colleen Cattell, Joan Ager, ?,
Diane Cross, Doris Hilton.
Front row: Doll Childs, Doris ?, ?, Mabel ?, Joan Whitworth.
Seated: Pam Maddams.

Back: Barbara Childs, Sylvia Farren, Agnes Clark,
Colleen Cattell, Doris Hilton,
Front: ?, Madge Pinnock, Doll Childs.

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