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Meeting Houses

Background to Meeting Houses

After 1660, Protestant believers who formed congregations outside the Church of England were commonly referred to as Dissenters or Non-conformists. They could be Quakers, Baptists, Presbyterians or Congregationalists. They and the Methodists who came later would gather in Meeting Houses. The Act of Toleration (1689) permitted freedom of worship to Dissenters, but required them to register their meeting houses with the local Quarter Sessions, the bishops or the archdeacons.

These people applied for a certificate to allow Non-Conformist
religious meetings to be held in a certain property

Forename Surname Status
John CHATTLE   Chelveston 1745 35 1
Thomas NEWILL occupier Caldecott 1827   7
Edward WOODWARD   Chelveston 1749 39 1

NRO Ref: Misc QS 292/1-9 Box X6757

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