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The Church between the village of Chelveston and the hamlet of Caldecott
The public house on the main road
The Church
The Star & Garter Public House

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Chelveston village, together with its hamlet neighbour Caldecott, is a small community bounded by Higham Ferrers to the west, Newton Bromswold to the south, by Stanwick to the north and by Yelden to the east.

The church and the old village school both sit up on the hill above Chelveston, on the road to Caldecott, the latter being three farms and a cluster of cottages. Chelveston old village sits on the main road between Higham Ferrers and Kimbolton, with several new houses spreading out towards the old, once isolated, farms around the village.

The Star and Garter public house stands alongside the main road and on the grass verge close by, is a newly erected memorial to the 305th Bombardment Group of the United States Air Force, who were stationed at the RAF Base, close to the village, during WWII.

History Church
Parish History by Bridges 1791 Church and War Memorial
Parish Officers 1890 Meeting Houses
Electoral Roll - 1890 Religious Census - 1851
Electoral Roll - 1918 Harvest Festival 1878
Absent Voters - 1918 Church - Newsclips
Absent Voters - 1919 Tower Restoration - 305th Memorial
Electoral Roll - 1925 & Introduction Patronal Festival 1914
Absent Voters - 1925 Snowdrops (an interactive e-book feature)
Parish Meetings Mothers' Union
Railway Station Magazine February 1896
Benchmarks Parishes Divided 1928
Listed Buildings War Memorial

Land, Property & Taxation Baptists
Lay Subsidy - 1543 Baptist - Origins
Freeholders - 1605 Miss Ward - organist 1916
Window Tax - 1750 Chapel opened 1924
Hearth Tax Youth Social Evening 1965
Land Tax - 1801
Gamekeepers Methodists
Sales Methodists 1792-1793
1910 Valuations - Introduction
1910 Valuations - Listing & Index Temperance
1915 - Pretoria Cottages Temperance
Farm Census 1952
Village Green Celebrations & Events
Chelston Rise Feast 1880

Concert 1889
Flower, Fruit, and Vegetable Show 1880
Education Village Hall events
School - mainpage 1935 Jubilee Day
The School - Charity Report Snowdrops 2018
Appointment of Trustees
School Log Book 1895/6 Leisure, Sports & Clubs
Old Scholars' Association 1928 Cricket Club 1889
School Gallery of Photographs Cricket Match 1914
Girl Guides
Badger Licences Chelveston Institute
Whellan's Directory - 1874 Working Men's Club
Trade Directories
Star & Garter Inn People

Index (villages)
Crime Baxter Family
Quarter Sessions Introduction Bird-Baxter Wedding 1948
Quarter Sessions Cases H E Desborough - 1889
Presentment - 1576 Rod Eady retires
Presentments 1693-1790 Miss Mary Helen Simpson M.B.E.
Henry Newell - Arson in 1835 Louisa Shortland
Albert Brittin - bonfire 1928 Obituaries Index (villages)
Court Reports Village Memories

Genealogy Airfield
Parish Registers Introduction Chelveston Airfield
Wills Index Chelveston Airfield - newsclips
Commonwealth Marriage 1656
Chelveston Airbase & Events
Strays in Bedfordshire
Hospital Patients 1744-1766 Flying Fortress Arrives 1956
Bastardy Case Airfield - Engineering Group Badges
(an interactive e-book feature)
Census 1841- 1901 Airbase Memories (BGMA)
Removal Order - Peter Robins Airbase Housing - Chelston Rise

305th Bomb Group - mainpage
Index of Accidents (villages)


GI's & Brides

Index of Fires (villages)
Around the Village

Health & Welfare War & Wartime
Proposed Sewer 1898 Inhabitants & Arms in 1590
Diphtheria at Caldicott - 1919 Montagu Musters - early 1600's

Able Bodied Men 1638
Civil War Money Loaned to Parliament
Notes from the Newspapers Militia Lists
Newsclips - mainpage Soldiers' Notes

Belgian Refugees
Reading Room War Memorial
Raising Funds 1881 Blackberry Picking 1918
Armistice Service 1928
Transport Exercise Valentine 1943
Railway Station Civil Defence 1944
Toll Gates R D Page - DCM

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