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Parish Meetings

Wellingborough News, 8th April 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

PARISH MEETING—The annual vestry meeting for the election and nomination of parish officers was held on Monday, under the presidency of the vicar (Rev. E. Templeman). Mr. S. Denton was elected way warden, Messrs. J. Colson and W. D. Knight were nominated overseers, Mr. W. Jellis parish constable, and Mr. W. Gross guardian.

Wellingborough News, 24th March 1883, transcribed by Kay Collins

VESTRY MEETING—The annual pariah meeting for the election and nomination of parish officers for the ensuing year was held in the vestry on Thursday last, the 15th inst., the Vicar (Rev. E. Templeman) presiding. The following officers were nominated:—Constable, Mr. W. Jellis; guardian, Mr. W. Gross; overseers, Messrs. W. D. Knight and T. Britten; the vestry elected Mr. S. Denton, waywarden, and Messrs. J. Sharp and T. Martin, assessors. It was decided to let the herbage on the roadside as usual.

Rushden Echo April 24th 1914, transcribed by Kay Collins

Chelveston Parish Council - Mr Simpson Re-elected Chairman
The annual meeting of Chelveston Parish Council took place on Tuesday at the Council Schools, present: Councillors W Hirst Simpson, B.A., C.C. (chairman), Joseph Knight (vice-chairman), A Willmott, F Morris, H Hinson, J Wyldes, H Smith and W F Corby (clerk).

The Chair
Mr Knight proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the chairman for his services during the past year. This was carried, and Mr Simpson suitably replied.

Mr Fred Morris proposed the re-election of Mr Simpson as chairman, Mr Knight seconded, and it was carried.

Mr Simpson thanked them and said he was very grateful to them. He should always be interested in the work of the Council. (Hear, hear) When they had done all they could it did not amount to much. (Laughter)

Mr Knight was re-elected vice-chairman.

A discussion arose with reference to the insanitary condition of the Chelveston W.M.C. Mr Hinson said the urinal outlet led past his own back door into the brook.

Mr Knight said he had seen the authorities of the club and had called their attention to the nuisance, but nothing had been done in the matter.

It was resolved to call the attention of the Sanitary Inspector to the nuisance.

A Complaint
was made about the public throwing rubbish into the brook. It was pointed out that the stream became blocked, and the stagnant water was likely to become offensive. The cost of cleaning out the brook was rather heavy, and it was hoped that in the future the public would refrain from the practice.

The Vice-chairman said he had seen Mr Lloyd (surveyor) with regard to the footpath leading to the pump. Mr Lloyd had promised that the path should be asphalted, and that ought to give satisfaction. (Applause)

Mr Hinson called the attention of the Council to the felling of trees, the property of the Parish Council. They had been felled without permission of the Council and had been claimed and in some cases sold. He would like to know what the Council proposed to do in the matter. The trees were on the bottom side of the Alms Houses on the side of the brook. About 15 or 16 trees were so affected.

Mr Knight: How much do you value them at?

Mr Hinson: About 4/0 or 4/6 each.

Mr Knight: I should think if the people were asked to hand the money over to the parish Council they would do so.

Mr Hinson thought the money might be used to settle an account with Mr Morris for the pump.

The Clerk was instructed to write to the offender, asking him to hand over the money to the Council.

Mr Willmott and Mr Morris were re-elected overseers for the ensuing year.

The Chairman said they had a nice little sum (£5/11/7) in hand.

The Clerk: You have a very stiff poor rate again though!

After the Council meeting the annual sale of roadside grass took place. On behalf of the Parish Council, Mr Knight acxted as auctioneer. The following is a list of the lots and buyers:-
Yelden Mere, 2/-, Mr Willmott; Caldecott, from the blacksmith’s shop to Yelden Ipen Fields, 10/-, Mr Willmott; Caldecott to Bidwell Spring, 2/-, Mr Sturman; blacksmith’s shop to the school, 5/-, Mr Simpson; New bridge to Reading room, 4/-, Mr Morris; New Bridge to Higham gap, 4/-, Mr Morris; New Bridge to Alms Houses, 1/6, Mr Morris; St George’s-row to top of Raunds-road, 3/-, Mr Britten; Village High-lane, 1/-, Mr Wyldes; Kimbolton-road, 9/0, Mr Britten, Stanwick; Top-road, 3/-, Mr Leighton.

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