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Transcribed by Stephen Swailes, 2008
Presentments 1570 & 1576

These few details come from three scraps of paper filed at the Record Office,
and were obviously part of a much larger document.


A p[re]sentment against George Sannderson

Thomas Margetts of Rushden within the countie

of Northam[pton] And John Ive of the same toune

and countie aforesaid Constables presenteth

George Sannderson of Heigh[a]m Ferrers within

the countie aforesaide Salter, for makinge of a

fraye in Rushden aforesaide, on the sonndaye

after St Kathrins daye last paste.  In the

saide fraye Makinge the said George Sannderson

did shedd blude upon theforesaid Thomas

Margetts and grevouslie cutt his head in two

places with a dagger ____ iij s iiij d


Chelston and (Cald)cott

P[re]sente to be made within the Quenes ma[jes]ties leate in the xix th

yere of her gracious raigne for Chelston and Caldcott with

in the Towne of Higham Ferrers being the xvij th of

December Anno 1576 as followeth

(Wm). Lambe and

.. Bolton third bearers dothe p[re]sent Wm Rudd ___, John Ekyns, John Atkyns

Wm Marchole, Henry Chettle ess, Wm ..

Anthony Aburne, Thomas ess Aburne, Ricd L..

Thomas ij d (t)eare Nicholas Weedon ess, Edward Clarke

Thomas Mershall & Elizabeth Marshall

[Different marks are written above each of these names but I cannot decipher some of them. “ess” presumably means essoin, i.e. did not appear in court. Money values represent fines perhaps]

Item also we p[re]sent Robert Jonnes iiij d baker

and Agnis Halle ij d ale wiffe

Item we p[re]sent a straye Cowe being yered and

beinge p___ed at the (feast of all Saynts & ..)

John Adkyns  iij s iiij d ..

Thomas M[ar]shall C..

p[re]sentment of a foraye Be(tween)          ..obert

and Wm Lambe vij d

 iij d


..xviij dae December Ao xiij Re Elizabeth (1)

Item a preysentment made the xviij day of December be

(George) Sanderson and Thomas Peytman constabulls

Item wey dow preysent that John Maryat xl s iij s iiij d ye meller and

John Bakeyr iij s iiij d ye sheperd and Necolas iij s iiij d Hen(en)fre and Rycharde iij s iij d

Ry(che) and Thomas Pey iij s iiij d and Edward Wocley iij s iiij d deed commonly

pley at ye logets at ye water mele (2)

Item wey dow preysent that Rychade Warner xij d woldenot wache

for ye yerde be tewxte John Drewets hose and is onne hose

a cording as it have beyne washed for be fore tyme (3)

Item wey dow preysent that Thomas xij d peyneder of Kettereyng bocher

deed streyke John Ascew of ye same tone bocher wythe an

stone a contrary to ye qwenes peyse.

(1) December 1570

(2)   Loggets was a game a  bit like boule. ‘mele’ = mill

(3)Would not wash the yard between Drewet’s house and his own house

NRO Ref: XYZ 1300/1-3
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