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School Gallery

1927 outside the school

The pupils in the late 1930s

Back row (l-r): Richard Burton, Whilhemina “Billy” Stewart, Michael Parsler, Horace Eady,
David Bettles, Pauline Smith, Mrs Mason (Headmistress)

3rd row: Gillian Dunnett, Terry Baxter, Clifford Saddington, Maureen Chapman, Marian Felce,
Noel Morris, Robert Tate, Marina Dunmore, Dennis Conquest, Diana Watts

2nd row: Tony Dunnett, Barry Sauntson, George Tate, Jennifer Bridge, Gillian Eady

Front row: Kenneth Smith, Robert Bridge, Alan Parton, Michael Dunnett, Patrick Taylor

Early 1950s
Early 1950s
Back row: Mr Farrar (headmaster), Nigel Baxter, Barry Sauntson, Kenny Smith, Alan Parton,
Patrick Taylor, George Tate, Marcia Farrar, Mrs Farrar
3rd row: Keith Betts, Louise Carr, Frances Crosson, Elaine Barritt, Rita Poole, Olivia Farrar,
Penelope Odell, Gillian Eady, Clementine Carr, Barbara Smith, Joseph Crosson
2nd row: Jimmy Woodward, ?, Jenny Hannibal, Vincent Smith, Susan Munt, Sheila Chamberlain,
Pam McGeorge, Colin Dunmore, Jane Higginbotham, Avril Watts, Kenny McGeorge.
Front row: Raymond Knight, Leslie Munt, Noel Parrish, ?, Carmel Crosson, Geoff Creamer,
Ean Parsler,
Arthur Farrar, Peter Knight

Two more photographs named for us by Gillian Russell
Three boys
Back row: Richard Burton, Horace Eady, ?, Keith Hudson, ?,
Margaret Chapman, Douglas Saddington
Front: ?, Marian Felce, ?, Clifford Saddington
Horace Eady, Robert Bridge & Michael Parsler

If you can add any names we'd be pleased to hear from you.

If you have any memories of your schooldays at Chelveston, that you'd be willing to share, please contact us.

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