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Transcribed by Jacky Lawrence
Appointment of Trustees of the Chelveston-cum-Caldecott Endowed School by the Charity Commissioners - Charity Commission

In the matter of the ‘School Charity’ founded by Abigail Bailey and Ann Levett in the Parish of Chelveston-cum-Caldecott in the County of Northampton The Board of Charity Commissioners for England and Wales having considered an application in writing made to them on the 8th day of September 1862 in the matter of the above mentioned Charity by the Reverend George Malim Clerk Vicar of the above mentioned Parish of Chelveston, Andrew Leighton of the same place Land Agent and James Browning of Caldecott Farmer being the surviving trustees of the above mentioned Charity for the purposes of the following order and it appearing to the Said Board that the Endowment of the said Charity consists of the house lands and hereditaments mentioned on the Schedule hereto and that the gross annual income of the said Charity does not amount to £50 and that out of the original number of nine trustees of the said Charity six are dead and that it is for the advantage of the said Charity that new Trustees should be appointed to act jointly with the present surviving and continuing Trustees and upon public notice of the intention of the said Board to make the Order hereinafter contained having been given by the affixing of the same according to the direction of the said Board to the principal enter door of the Parish Church of Chelveston on the 18th day of April 1863 being more than one calendar month previously to the date hereof and no notice of any objection thereto, or suggestion for the variation thereof having been received by the said Board Do hereby order that the Vicar and Churchwardens of the above mentioned Parish of Chelveston and their successors for the time being in right and during tenure of their said respective offices. The Reverend Alexander Dixon Clerk so long as he shall continue to be the Curate of the same Parish and John Young of Stanwick Esq. J. P. (who have severally intimated in writing to the said Board their willingness to accept and act in the Trust) be appointed to be Trustees for the administration and management of the said above mentioned Charity in addition to and jointly with the said above named George Malim, Andrew Leighton and James Browning the only surviving and continuing Trustees of the said Charity and that the messuage lands and hereditaments mentioned and described in the said Schedule hereto and all other land and real estate if any belonging to or held in trust for the said above mentioned Charity and not being copyhold tenure do rest in the Official Trustee of Charity Lands and his successors. In trust for the said Charity.

The Schedule above referred to

All that messuage or dwelling house homestead with the close adjoining by admeasurement 3a - 0r – 28h bounded on the South and East by lands heretofore belonging to Elizabeth Newton and others on the West by the Village Road and the north by an Orchard now or late belonging to John Smith. And also the site or ground whereon two messuages tenements or dwelling houses formerly in the tenure or occupation of Thomas Branson and William Clark formerly stood which with a small piece of ground appurtenant to the said messuages tenements or dwelling houses form one close containing three roods and one perch and which close is called or known by the name of the Moors and is bounded on the south partly by land now or hereforeto belonging to Thomas Newton and on the east by other part of the Rectorial Land.

And also all that close of land lying on a Field heretofore called Rowley Field containing 19a – 1r – 7h bounded on the south by the Turnpike Road on the west of the Parish of Stanwick on the north by an allotment to Robert Matson and the east by allotments to the herdsmen and Parish Clerk.

All which said hereditaments are situate in the Parish of Hargrave in the County of Northampton

                Sealed by Order of the Board this twenty ninth day of May 1863

                                                                Henry M. Vane


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