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South End School
Originally called the National School - Church of England
Extract from diary notes of Ebenezer Knight:
“New Room” - Corner stone laid by the Bishop of Peterborough 1870 October 11th. This would be Bishop Magee who made a speech at the ‘New Room’, (which became the ‘National School’) at the re-opening of the Parish Church after the Great Restoration on Tuesday, February 2nd, 1875. A beautiful day, when the Bishop said that Rushden was the blackest spot in the Diocese before Canon Barker came.
central section of the school frontage
left: datestone

right: the central section with datestone

South End School - High Street South
Photogallery 1
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Moved to new site - Wymington Road
Infant School
moved in 1973
Junior School
moved in 1968
Photogallery 2
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