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Intermediate School - 1930s

The school opened in 1925 in the school building that had been Hayway Infant school. When a new boys' school was opened in Tennyson Road in 1949, the boys gradually moved to that school and by 1959 the boys and girls were all segregated. Miss Boyes became headmistress of the newly formed "North End School" and it later changed its name again becoming the Secondary School for Girls. A new school was built on land adjoining Spencer Park under another new name : Rushden Comprehensive School for Girls with Miss Leach as headmistres. The old school was then used by Alfred Street as an infant department, leaving all the Alfred Street premises as a junior school.

This photograph has just been sent in (Dec 2008) by Graham Penness, whose father is first left back row. He thinks they went to the old White City Stadium.

Most surnames are written onto the photograph.

If you can help us with forenames, or the two
missing names, please contact us.
Back row: Penness, Bailey, Kilsby, - , Patrick, Wilmott, Henson?
Front row: Sail, Piper, Eaton, Drage, - , Albon.

Intermediate School Sports 1933-4

Back row: ?, Mumford, "Bunt" Heartwell, Tom Bailey, Tew, Fentiman, Neville Salisbury.
Middle row: Joyce Ingram, Joyce Glennister, Tom Percival, Gilbert Houghton, Mumford, Dorothy Toby, Olive King.
Front row: Edna Partidge, Doreen Smith, Barbara Cunnington, Evelyn Whitby, Margaret Drage, Phyllis Walker, Nora Kilsby.

Year 3 in 1935

Teachers 1935

The teachers at the Intermediate School in 1935.
Mr Howitt was the headmaster.

Later, after reorganisation of the education system Miss Boyes became headmistress of the Rushden Girls School.

left-right - Mr Howitt, Miss Boyes, Mr Guardam,
Miss Buttling, Mr Entwistle, Mrs Hensman,
Miss Smith and Mr Clark

This photograph c1938 with the Inter-School Sports Shield.

Fourth from the right, front row is Betty Warrington who went there from Newton Bromswold village school.

Betty lived in Avenue Road, Court Estate, but now lives in Iowa, USA. (2008)

Inter-Schools Sports Shield c1938
Front row: 7th from left - Beryl Seamarks, then Betty Warrington,
Peggy Groome, Pauline Scroxton, Brenda Weaver
box medal inscription
The box for the medal tells us
Mr Wanklyn jeweller, had supplied the sports medals.
This medal was presented to Betty Warrington in 1939 as a member of the
Senior Girls' Relay team - 1st prize - Rushden & District School Sports Association 1939.

Year Photographs

If you have any photographs or memories to share here, please contact us.
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