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Music & Elocution Successes

Rushden Argus, 31st July 1914, transcribed by John Collins

Success—We have to heartily congratulate Miss Rose Peck, the 14-year-old daughter of Mr S Peck, of Oswald-road, Rushden, on passing, with honours, the intermediate Trinity College examination on the organ. Miss Peck is the organist of Park-road Wesleyan Church. She is a pupil of Mr J Lindsay Clipson, ARCO, and this is her first examination.

Rushden Echo, 1st January 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Music SuccessMiss Muriel Minnie Baker, daughter of Dr H Stainer Baker, Rushden, and pupil of Mr J E Smith, passed the practical examination in pianoforte playing in the Intermediate Division at Trinity College, London.

The Rushden Echo 6th August 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Trinity College Examinations—At the local examinations in organ playing, held at Wellingborough recently, Miss Rose Elizabeth Peck, pupil of Mr. J. Lindsay Clipson, A.R.C.O., passed in the senior division with honours, obtaining 84 per cent. marks. Miss Peck, who is but 15 years of age, was the only candidate for the organ. She passed the intermediate division in July, 1914. She is the talented young organist of the Park-road Wesleyan Church, Rushden.

Rushden Echo, 27th July 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Vocalist’s Success – Miss E. Harlow to Visit France
Miss Eveline Harlow (soprano), of Rushden, has, through the instrumentality of her singing master (Mr. Bernard Tomkins) obtained an introduction to Miss Lena Ashwell, the celebrated actress, who, as is well known, is organising concerts for the troops in France. Yesterday Miss Harlow was granted an interview by Miss Ashwell, who heard her sing...................

Rushden Echo, 8th August 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

MusicalMiss Alice Ellingham, the talented daughter of Mr. Ellingham, grocer, of Rushden, has passed the Intermediate Examination in pianoforte playing in connection with Trinity College. Miss Ellingham is a pupil of Mr. J. Enos Smith.

Rushden Echo, 13th January 1921, transcribed by Kay Collins

TRINITY COLLEGE OF MUSIC, LONDON—At the local examination in the theory of music, on Dec. 17th Fredk. Chas. Andrews, pupil of Mr. Alfred Clarke, A.R.C.O., Rushden, passed in the intermediate division.

The Rushden Echo, 8th December 1922, transcribed by Kay Collins

Miss Phyllis Chamberlain, pupil of Mr E Robinson, has been successful in pianoforte playing in the recent Local Trinity Examination (Junior Division), having obtained an honours certificate with 92 marks out of a possible 100.
Rushden Echo, 13th July 1928, transcribed by Kay Collins

Musical Successes—The following have passed the Trinity College of Music examination in theory: Harold James, Oakley-road, Rushden; Donald Frederick Percival, Winchester-road, Rushden; Reginald Bernard Bigley, Oakley-road, Rushden. The above passed with honours in the junior division, while Harry Ronald Mead, of Commercial-street, Higham Ferrers, passed in the preparatory division. All are pupils of Miss G Newman, of 49, Grove-street, Higham Ferrers.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 22nd March 1929, transcribed by Kay Collins

Vocalists Successes—At the Bedford Eisteddfod last week, Miss Winnie Bridgement, of 16 Windmill-road, secured third prize (silver medal and certificate) in the class for mezzo sopranos. In the solo singing class for girls of 18, first prize (gold medal and certificate) was won by Miss Mary Footer of 7 Argyll-street, Bedford. Both are pupils of Mr Bernard Tomkins of Rushden, and Miss Bridgement is a member of the coir of the High-street Independent Wesleyan Church, Rushden.

Rushden Echo, 22nd August 1930, transcribed by Kay Collins

Musical Successes—At the Trinity College examination recently Mabel Lawson, of Victoria-road, was top of the passes in the Senior division (Pianoforte), Joan Knighton, Moor-road, passed with honours the Junior division (also Pianoforte), and Harold Desborough, Station-road, passed with honours the Intermediate division (Theory). All are pupils of Mr. Sydney Weekley, A.T.C.L. of 45 Victoria-road, Rushden.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 12th February 1932, transcribed by Kay Collins

Herbert Kenneth Clayton, pupil of Mr Ernest Robinson, 156, Queen-street, has been successful in obtaining a Local Exhibition in pianoforte playing from Trinity College, London. Only twelve of these Exhibitions, which carry with them a year’s free tuition and the title “Local Exhibitioner” are given annually in each grade of the examination.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 3rd August 1934, transcribed by Kay Collins

Musical SuccessMaster Kenneth Clayton, Local Exhibitioner of the Trinity College of Music, London (Junior Division) has just been successful in passing the Senior Division with honours for pianoforte, gaining no fewer than 97 marks out of a possible 100. It is a success which stamps him as a student of exceptional merit. Kenneth is the son of Mr and Mrs Herbert Clayton, 37 Pratt-road, Rushden, and gained his junior Exhibition two years ago.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 31st August 1934, transcribed by Kay Collins

Medal Winners—At the examinations of the Incorporated London Academy of Music, Miss Vera Craxford, Rushden, gained the silver medal for elocution. Another Rushden elocutionist, Miss Lily Skeeles, has gained the silver medal for verse speaking awarded by The Poetry Society, London.

Rushden Echo and Argus, 26th March 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins

In the recent examinations held in connection with the
Royal Schools of Music
the following candidates were successful:

Grade 6 (Intermediate): Marian Bazely, 3, Fletcher Road;
Grade 5 (Higher): Margaret Harris, Duck Street;
Grade 4 (Lower) with credit: Dawn Whitwell, 147, St. Margaret's Avenue;
Grade X (Primary), with distinction: Mary Robson, 30, Upper Queen Street;
Jean Bates, 29, Upper Queen Street; Janice Childs, 77, Park Avenue; Preliminary Grade: Margaret Darnell, Bedford Road;
Grade (Rudiments): Wendy Hooten, 11, Purvis Road.

All are pupils of Miss Ruby J. Baxter, L.R.A.M. 16, High Street, Rushden.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 9th January 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins

ExaminationPamela Allen, 9, Hall Avenue, and Gillian Barnwell, 45, Purvis Road, both passed with, honours in first steps Theory examination held at the Kettering Centre of Trinity College of Music.

Pupils of Mrs. Joan Hart, A.L.C.M., 20, Church Street, Rushden.

Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph March 1950, transcribed by Susan Manton

Eisteddfod Winner

Straight from Kettering where she had been awarded a first prize at the Eisteddfod, Betty Scholes, of Rushden, sang to an audience in the Queen Street Schoolrooms on Friday night.

The occasion was a concert given by the Rushden Temperance Band (conducted by her father Mr. W. Scholes) and organised by the Comrades Fellowship as their contribution to the Independent Wesleyan Church Building Jubilee Celebrations. Ald. J. W. Barker, of Higham Ferrers, was in the chair and the vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Edgar Leeding.

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