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James Lindsay Clipson, A.R.C.O.
James Lindsay Clipson, son of John Samuel Clipson and Mary Ann Clipson, was born in Rushden in 1893. He had two older brothers, and two older sisters and one younger sister. The family lived at 2 Alfred Street, and his father's shop was on the corner of Church Street. J Lindsay Clipson was the organist at the Park Road Baptist Church, and also at the Wesleyan Church. He also taught music.

[Accident 1906]

Rushden Echo, 18th March 1910

J Lindsay Clipson

Organist, Independent Wesleyan Church

Teacher of the Piano and Organ

For terms apply to-
14 Church Street, Rushden.

The Rushden Echo 6th August 1915, transcribed by Kay Collins

Trinity College Examinations—At the local examinations in organ playing, held at Wellingborough recently, Miss Rose Elizabeth Peck, pupil of Mr. J. Lindsay Clipson, A.R.C.O., passed in the senior division with honours, obtaining 84 per cent. marks. Miss Peck, who is but 15 years of age, was the only candidate for the organ. She passed the intermediate division in July, 1914. She is the talented young organist of the Park-road Wesleyan Church, Rushden.

Rushden Argus, 13th July 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Presentation—After the anniversary services of the Park-road Baptist Sunday School on Sunday a very pleasing little ceremony took place in the Choir Vestry. The choir and officials of the church assembled under the presidency of Mr. W. B. Sanders, supported by Mr. F. Corby, Mr. C. A. K. Green, and Mr. T. C. Clark, to bid farewell to Mr. Lindsay Clipson, A.R.C.O., their organist, who is joining H.M. Forces. Mr. F. Corby said during the seven years Mr. Clipson had served the church in the capacity of organist they had opportunity of appreciating not only his skilled services but also his sterling character and worth. The speaker hoped Mr. Clipson would be spared to return to them, and said Mr. Clipson might rest assured that the prayers of the church would go with him.—Mr. Sanders then handed to Mr. Clipson a handsome silver illuminated wrist watch. The speaker suggested that at ten o’clock each night they should all think of Mr. Clipson and pray for him, so that, although separated in the flesh, they would be together in spirit.—Mr. Clipson sincerely thanked the church and the choir for their kindly remarks. He had spent a very happy time at park-road Baptist Church, and he should always remember with appreciation his connection with the church. He was very glad that his position as organist would be kept open for him, and he hoped to be spared to resume his duties in the future.—Mr. F. Sharwood and Mr. Clark, the choirmaster, gave neat speeches appreciative of Mr. Clipson’s work and worth.

Rushden Echo, July 20th 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Organist Enlists
Mr. J. Lindsay Clipson, A.R.C.O., organist of the Park-road Baptist Church, has joined the Honorable Artillery Company.

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