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Land, Property & Tax

Gate Sign for Middle Farm Lodge Rushden Enclosure Map 1778 Manor Farm Rushden

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Land Property
Common Land The Hall and Grounds - mainpage
Village Green The Hall - Brief History
Higham Park Home Close
Medieval Place Names Rushden Hall Memories - J E Smith
Freeholders 1605 Rushden Hall - Raising Money 1930
Open Fields Rushden Hall 1971
Furlong Names The Roundhouse
Enclosure 1778 Council Housing
Award Schedule
Gunter's Chain
Terriers Farmers & Millers 1813-1860
Field Notes 1730-31 9 Grove Road
Field Names 1798-1932 14 Moor Road
A Cemetery for Rushden? 21 Upper Park Avenue
39 Church Street - Ivy Cottage
70 Harborough Road
Allotment Society - Land Almshouses
Landowners' Association Ltd Bedford Road - 8 Houses
Freehold Land Society Claridge Court 2017
Gravel Pits & Sand Pits Cottage near Wheatsheaf
Farm Census 1952 Crispian Court 1987
Land for Council Housing 1953 Croft, The - formerly Elmham
Rectory Field Durlands, Bedford Road
Sewage Farm Eastfields
Sewage Works Ebenezer Terrace
Small Holdings Elmham - later The Croft
snippets - land Farrier Court 2017
Windmill - Achurch's Ferrers Mere
Windmill - Green's The Gables
Gladstone House

Green's Windmill
Building Hazelwood
Tenders Hillcroft
1958 Bungalow Holly Road Bungalow 1959
Kingsmead Park (Housing)
Deeds Manor Road & Home Farm Estate
Property deeds The Manor Estate
Terriers Manton Road - no. 17
Mason's Close
Estate Papers Moorlands
Fitzwilliam of Milton Nenehurst - Ferrers Mere
Palace Motors - Flat Above
Quorn & Woodland Road plan
Blousic Farm Queen Victoria House
Dial Farm Rectory Farm
Harvest 1879 Rectory Field
Wool Fair 1909 Rectory Houses & repairs
Hilly Farm Risdene
John White's Farm Risdene Court
Manor Farm Rosebank Cottages
Marriott's Farm Rosemount
Mason's Farm Rosslyn
Rushden Lodge Rushden Cottage
Sanders' Lodge - Grange Farm Rushden Manors
Farm - notes Rushden Moors - The Moors
The Clock & The Sun Rushden House
Italians Want Work 1948 Rushden Villa

Spencer Road
Landlords St. Crispin Estate
Socials for Tenants 1880 Stonehurst
The Shrubbery
The Vyne - 1989
Parks & Playgrounds The White House
Recreation Ground 1911 Wymington Estate
Jubilee Park 1926
Revison Court
Manor Park Revision Court
Spencer Park - mainpage
Rushden Hall - mainpage

Sales - mainpage

Kingsmead Park (Housing)
Sports Pitches 2011 Lay Subsidy 1543
Hearth Tax Introduction
Property Valuations
1650 & c1660 Valuations
1910 Introduction
1910 Valuation Index Window Tax 1750

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