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Nenehurst - Ferrers Mere

"Nenehurst" was originally built for Arthur Cave in 1896. He left towards the end of WWI and moved to Stonehurst in High Street.

In 1919 W T Hobbs had moved in, and he applied for planning permission to add a greenhouse and billiard room. He stayed until 1928 when bought John White the house.

Over the next few years John White began to buy the land surrounding the house. He renamed the house "Ferrers Mere" and he added a pair of fine wrought iron gates. In the 1940s he began farming on the land acquired.


John White in the 1930s
The land adjoining was his farm.
The gates deemed a work of art by Professor Albert Richardson,
with the name 'Ferrers Mere' highlighted in gold.
John outside his homein the 1930s

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