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Mr. W. T. L. Flood

William Flood was born in 1875 and came to Rushden when he was about 7 or 8 with the Rev. W. J. Tompkins and lived for some years at the Manse in Park Road, with the family. Their eldest son William H Tomkins followed his father into the church and became a Chaplain during WWI, but sadly was killed in September 1918, and their younger son Bernard was a well repsected musician.

As a youth William Thomas Llyod Flood attended the Grammar School at Higham, and was then employed by Messrs. John Cave and Sons before the great fire of 1901.

In his youth he was well known as a left-hand bat and later was seen on the bowling green. William was also a keen supporter of the Baptist Recreation Club, held high position in the Independent Order of Rechabites, and was interested in the Band of Hope Union.

For many years he was on the staff of Messrs. Fred Knight, of Park Road and afterwards became the Rushden Public Assistance Officer.

In 1906 he married Clara Elizabeth Groom, and they had two children, Audrey Clara born in 1909 and Arthur William Ewart born in 1911. In 1918 the family had their photos put into these match box covers sold by Mr. Charles Robinson, the newsagent, High-street, Rushden. We don't know if they were sent to a soldier at the front, but they could possibly have gone to Rev W H Tomkins, being sent back to his brother Bernard in Rushden after he was killed in September 1918.

William Clara Audrey Ewart
W T L Flood
Clara E Flood
Audrey aged 9
Ewart aged 7
Rushden Echo, 18th January 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins

For the Boys—We consider that one of the finest presents we have seen for a long time for the boys serving in His Majesty'€s Forces is the novel match-box case sold by Mr. Charles Robinson, the newsagent, High-street, Rushden. A photograph is worked on to the case, and any portrait can be copied. Our representative was surprised at the large number of orders shown him by Mr. Robinson, these orders coming not only from Rushden and the district, but also from all parts of England.

From 1918 to 1934 Mr. Flood was secretary of Rushden Choral Society.

Extract from a Military Tribunal in May 1918

William T. L. Flood, aged 43, clerk and cashier, was given six months exemption, being in Grade 3.

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