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'Rushdenites' meet in Bermuda 1928

The Rushden Echo, 6th January 1928, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Rushden Voice Welcomed
How the Rushden Echo Brought Friends Together - And Cheered a Lady’s Voyage

How The Rushden Echo brought about a meeting abroad between two former Rushdenites is told in a letter to hand from Mr Arthur Vorley, of Hamilton, Bermuda, to his father and mother, Mr and Mrs B Vorley, of Queen-street, Rushden.

On Dec. 13th Mr Arthur Vorley received a copy of The Rushden Echo containing a short article, marked by his father, to the effect that Mrs Charles Clark, daughter-in-law of Mr Charles Clark, of the firm of Messrs Jaques and Clark, Rushden, was sailing for Lima, Peru, to join her husband, who is managing a boot factory in Lima. In his letter Mr Arthur Vorley states:

“Knowing that the Orcoma had left Liverpool on Dec 1st and that she was not only calling at Lima but also the next day (Dec 14th) at Bermuda, I came to the conclusion that she was still in all probability on the Orcoma. So I requested our wireless station to find out if she was aboard, and the reply came back that she was not only on board but at the time of asking right in the Orcoma’s wireless cabin. So I sent a message telling her to land, if even for a short period, and I would meet her.

“It appears that Dr. Tucker and Mrs Tucker were also aboard, and as soon as Kath [Mrs Clark] heard she was to touch here she asked them if they knew me, which of course they do very well. May Hutchings, who is Mrs Tucker’s sister, went out to meet them at Grassy Bay, and the Tuckers at once put Kath in her care to hand over to me. So we had a most delightful time together, and in the short time at our disposal I showed her as much as possible. She was charmed with the place, and would have liked to stay six months! She is looking extremely well, and we had a good chat on old times. . . . So far the trip has been rather rough, but she has not been sick. . . . She asked me to let you know, so that you could pass a word along, as her mail will not be posted until she reaches Havana. It was a somewhat stormy day, high winds, but sunshine, and the place did not look its very best, but even so it was quite nice to hear a Rushden voice talking of local people.”

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