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Notes from John Martin, son of Florrie Attley, 2008.
The Attley Family

Joseph Wallace Attley and his family lived at number 2 Pemberton Street from around 1900 until the 1970s. He and his wife Emma had eight children there.

Joseph worked in the shoe trade and used the back room as a workshop, and the whole family also joined him in shoe work as they grew up. He also ran with the hounds which were based at Knuston, and kept a horse and trap which he used to trade at the local markets.

During the First World War the father and all four sons went into the army. Fred and Len joined the Australian Army and they eventually emigrated to Australia.

After the War all shoe work had moved into factories, so son Jack converted the back room workshop into a barber shop, and cut hair part time, alongside his shoe work.

Phil, who was sometimes known as Ralph, joined the Northamptonshire Regiment. He had a son, also called Ralph or Ralphie, who lived with the family and was brought up by Emma his grandma.

Emma kept all the poscards that Phil sent to his son Ralphie and some tell of the travels Phil made during his time in the army. One shows the ship on which he travelled (see below). He also sent several embroidered cards and birthday greetings to his mother, which she also kept.

Father, Mother & son Phil (Ralph)
The Attlee family of 2 Pemberton Street
The Attley Family. Back row l-r : Frank, Phil, Harriot, Fred & Len
Front : Bertha, Emma (mother), Jack, Joseph Wallace (father) and Florrie (later Martin)
The Huntspill
The ship on which Phil travelled
Postcard to Ralphie Phil Attlee
A postcard to son Ralphie
Father and sons in their uniforms
A composite photograph of Father and four sons. Frank, Joseph Wallace, Fred, Phil (Ralph) and Len.

Northants Regiment
The Northants Regiment - Phil Attley is back row 6th from left.

More about Pte Attley

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