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Rushden Echo, 7th November 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mr. John Strachan Passes Away
Local Tradesman’s Death – A Ripe Old Age

Thistle Cottage
Thistle Cottage
now Nos. 11A & 11B
Name plaque
We regret to record the passing of an old and highly esteemed tradesman of Rushden, in the person of Mr. John Strachan, of Thistle Cottage, Pemberton-street, who died on Friday, aged 86, after only two days’ illness in bed. Mr. Strachan was born at Banff in June 1833, and lived there until he reached manhood, when he moved to Aberdeenshire. He came to Higham Park in 1873 to manage the farm for the then tenant, Mr. Dearlove, and on the death of that gentleman, Mr. Strachan was engaged as bailiff by the owner of the farm, Mr. Strother. Some time later on Mr. Strachan started business in Rushden on his own account as dairyman and was in that line until he retired some years before the war. The deceased had been failing for a considerable time, but was able to get about until a few days before he died. He was a member of the Rushden Independent Wesleyan Church both before and since the High-street building was erected, and used to attend the services regularly until advancing age prevented him doing so. He was an ardent Conservative in politics, but did not do any public work in political life. Mr. Strachan leaves a widow, four sons, and one daughter.

The funeral took place on Tuesday afternoon, the service being held, according to the Scottish custom, at the residence of the deceased. The Rev. C. J. Keeler officiated. The mourners present were: Mrs. Strachan (widow); Mr. W. H. Strachan, of London, Mr. F. P. Strachan, of Belfast, and Mr. A. Strachan, of Bristol (sons); Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Butcher, of Buckingham (son-in-law and daughter); Mr. W. M. Strachan, of Belfast (grandson), and Miss Morris (niece). The interment took place at the Cemetery, only the male members of the family, according to the custom in Scotland, attending the actual interment. Mr. T. Swindall was the undertaker.

Mrs. Strachan and the family wish to thank all friends for their kind sympathy with them in their bereavement.

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