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"Peeps" Into Other Days 1931
The Rushden 'Echo and Argus' ran a series of old photographs and here are
a few we have come across whilst researching in the newspapers.
If anyone has a photograph (rather than a newsclip) of these - we'd be grateful to take a copy please.

Rushden Echo, 16th January 1931, transcribed by Kay Collins
Dame Durdin
Who they were. The good looking girls on this photograph are identified by Mrs. F. Parker, 72 Moor-road, Rushden, who receives Five Shillings for the following notes: The photo is a copy of an action song entitled "Dame Durdin",€ given by the late Mr. Enos Smith'€™s Maypole Girls, at his one-time annual May-day festival in the Public Hall, Rushden. The names of those taking part:

Back row: (l-r): Miss Ciss Childs (now Mrs. F. Parker, 72 Moor-road, Rushden); Miss Alice Knight (now Mrs. Bayes, late of Irthlingborough, now of Bournemouth); Miss Lily Fuller (daughter of Mr. T. Fuller, High-street, Rushden) emigrated, but now deceased.

Second row: Miss Ada Adnitt (now Mrs. Woodman, residing near Towcester); Miss Nellie Wright (now Mrs. Charles Webb, Higham-road, Rushden); Miss Nellie Ashby (now Mrs. Leo Claridge, Market Square, Higham Ferrers); Miss Ethel Spavins (now Mrs. Hornsey, North End, Higham Ferrers); Miss Kathleen Smith (late of the old “Pawnshop” which stood where Mr. John White’s factory now stands); Miss Allie Corbett (now Mrs. F. Norman, High-street South, Rushden.

Front row (seated): Miss Jessie Darnell (now Mrs. Stormer, Wellingboro).

Rushden Echo, 16th January 1931, transcribed by Kay Collins
 Football team
One of the "Peeps into other days" photographs. It was published this week, and the answer should be in the following week's paper. [not checked at present]

Rushden Echo and Argus, 3rd July 1931

Peeps into Other Days
In view of the great interest shown in our series of old photographs we have decided to continue these "peeps" into other days, to award a prize of Five Shillings for the best description of the picture.

Readers letters, which should included the names of those portrayed — or as many as can be given — must reach the office of the 'Rushden Echo and Argus' not later than first post on the Wednesday following the day of publication.

The Editor would be grateful for the loan of old photographs of local interest. These will be used carefully and returned promptly. The Editor's decision is final and no correspondence can be entered into.

3rd July 1931
Who Were They — Who They Were
The members are:-
Standing (left to right): Rose Chettle (now Mrs W Knight); Rose Scevington (deceased); Polly Freeman (now Mrs H Groome); Lily Linnitt (late Mrs Hanger); Priscilla Auger (now Mrs Lovell); Annie Freeman (residing in High-street South); Louie Clayton (deceased); Isabella Knight (deceased); Sarah Jane Linnitt (formerly Mrs Bass); Sarah George (now Mrs Fred Perkins), Wondai, Australia; Epsibar Sykes (now Mrs Baddams).

Sitting: Minnie Darnell (deceased); Melina Clayton (now Mrs Underwood); Nellie Elliott; Miss Williams, leader; Elizabeth Harris (now Mrs Underwood); Millicent Maddock (now Mrs F Selwood); Lettie Cowley (now Mrs A Hanger); Gertrude Bates (now Mrs Mason, Canada); Cissie Clarke (now Mrs Timms, Aylesbury); Nellie Darnell (now Mrs Wood); Peace Pettit (now Mrs Coles).

Rushden Echo and Argus, 28th August 1931 Who Were TheyWho They Were
Several readers who recognised on this happy snapshot, the venerable figures of the late Mr and Mrs William Skinner failed to realise that something more than the mere mention of names was required to place them in the running for the prize. Identification is often a feat worthy of recording, but we published with the purpose to attract reminiscent notes that will be of general interest.

The prize this week is of necessity divided between
Mr F Noble, 3, Oval-road, Rushden, and
Mrs E Panter, 120, Wellingborough-road, Rushden.

Mr & Mrs Skinner
The former writes:- "I recognise the photo published on Friday last as one of the late Mr and Mrs William Skinner, of Queen-street, Rushden. Mr Skinner was well-known as a great musician in the town and district especially with the Rushden Temperance Band, Adult School Male Choir, Messrs J Cave and Sons' Factory Choir, Park-road Wesleyan Choir, and the Park-road Baptist Choir. Mr and Mrs Skinner were devoted to one another, and I well remember that during his conductorship of Messrs Cave's choir Mr Skinner was presented with an arm chair, and a fancy shawl for his wife. He placed his wife in the chair and put the shawl round her shoulders amid applause. Although they have passed away they will long be in the memory of old Rushdenites." Mrs Panter's note is as follows:-
The photograph appearing in your paper of last week is of Mr and Mrs William Skinner, who came to Rushden from Raunds about fifty years ago to live first in High-street South, and later in Queen-street, where they died. Mr Skinner worked in the packing room of Messrs J Cave and Sons' factory. He was a prominent musician, being bandmaster of the Rushden Temperance Band for many years. His two sons were also members of the band; one of them, Mr King Skinner still resides in Rushden; the other left the town to live in London. There were also four daughters in the family.

Rushden Echo and Argus, 7th August 1931
Who Were They — Who They Were
The Winner Mrs E Harbour
8 Dayton-street, Rushden

The photo in last week's "Echo and Argus" was taken about 25 years ago [so 1906] of the 6th Standard at Alfred-street school.

From left to right the names are:-
Top row: Edith Denton, now Mrs Lewis, of Rushden; Rose Stevens, of Rushden; Milly Berridge, now Mrs Lamb of Rushden; Matilda Tansy, married, now of Rushden; Floss Pettit, married, now living in Wales; Rose Holmes, deceased; Lizzie Neal, married, now living in Wales;
Nell Forman, married, and went to live at Raunds, deceased; Alice Bird, now Mrs Jackson, living in Canada.

2nd row: Hilda Hawes, married and went to live at Luton, deceased; Doll Barker, now Mrs Taylor, living at Rushden; Nellie Allen, living
at Rushden; Elsie Upton, married, now living in Scotland; Maggie Dix, living at Rushden; Annie Bailey, living at Rushden; Nell Cheney, now
Mrs Neal, living in Australia; Eddie Bell, married ling at Rushden; Bertha Knight, now Mrs Iles, living at Rushden.

3rd row: Em Dawkes, married; Edie Garley, living at Rushden; Amy Morris, living at Rushden; Elsie Clark, deceased; Elsie Robins, now
Mrs Harbour, living at Rushden; May Crouch, married; Miriam Clark, left Rushden.

4th row: Gladys Cox; Aggie Perkins, married, living at Rushden; Kate Bryant, living in Canada; Florrie Purslow, living at Wellingborough; Florrie Nobles; Em Borman, went to Birmingham. The teacher was Miss Cauldwell, who went to Canada.

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