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Northampton Mercury, 6th February 1819

Any Person who will give such information of Samuel Achurch, jun., of Rushden, in the County of Northampton, to John West, of Rowell, in the same County, so that he may be obtained, shall be rewarded for his trouble.

Feb. 4 1819                                     John West

Northampton Mercury, 6th January 1821

Rushden, Jan. 3, 1821.

Whereas I, Ann, the Wife of Edmund Rey, of Rushden, have lately propagated a malicious and scandalous Report, tending to injure the Character of Jemima Clements, of Rushden, for which a Prosecution was about to be commenced against me; Now I do hereby declare that the said Report was False and Groundless, and express my Sense of the Kindness of Jemima Clements, in having abandoned such Prosecution, on my making this public Acknowledgement.

The Mark of X Ann Rey.

Baker Denton & Elisha Cox – witnesses.

Wellingborough News, 22nd July 1882, transcribed by Kay Collins

DEATHS - BRAWN—On the 13th inst., at Rushden, Sophia, wife of J. Brawn, late of Leeds, aged 67 years.

Wellingborough News, 25th March 1887, transcribed by Kay Collins

Mr. David Crick, who recently obtained the ballot of £100 free of interest for ten years from the Rock Building Society, has since sold the appropriation for £15.

The Argus, 20th Dec 1889, transcribed by Kay Collins

Local Intelligence - ShorthandMr. G. J. Battle was awarded the certificate of the Phonetic Society for proficiancy in shorthand on the 17th inst.

Northampton Mercury Saturday January 11th 1890, transcribed by Susan Manton

Singular Conduct of a Young Woman at Higham Ferrers
We are informed that a young woman of Rushden went out, as she told her friends, for a walk on Tuesday evening. She walked to Higham Ferrers Station, and the bus that plies between that place and Rushden being there, she asked the bus driver if she could ride, and whether he thought it probable that there would be anyone else in. Being informed she could ride, she got in and the driver observed she was restless. As she asked him more than once when he would start, he attributed her restlessness to fear of the horses bolting, he assured her there was no danger. At length the tram arrived, and he started without any other passenger, but when he got to the Fitzwilliam’s Arms, about 40 yards from the station, she stopped him and asked him to assist her into the house which he did and very shortly after she gave birth to a child.

The Argus, 24th September 1897, transcribed by Kay Collins

Local Intelligence - Another Affiliation Summons - At the Northampton Divisional Petty Sessions, on Saturday, an affiliation summons brought by Hilda E. King, Yardley Hastings, against William Downing, shoe hand, Rushden, was dealt with. Mr Phillips for complainant, and Mr. Darnell for defendant, who admitted paternity and consented to an order of 2s. per week being made on him. He also agreed to pay the costs.

The Rushden Echo, 22nd April 1898, transcribed by Kay Collins

AN OLD PAPER just to hand, dated June 15, 1811, contains the following:— "Married at Rushden, Mr. Samuel Hopkins, aged 33, to Mrs. Dorothy Corby, aged 74. The bridegroom's mother, in her 73rd year, officiated as bridesmaid."

The Rushden Echo, 22nd April 1898, transcribed by Kay Collins

AN EARLY MUSHROOMMr. Charles Lewis of Rushden, found a large mushroom on Wednesday in the open near Knotting. It measured about 3½ inches across.

Rushden Echo, 9th April 1909, transcribed by Kay Collins

Two Rushden Lads, named Hornsby and Dickens, missing from their homes, have been discovered with relatives in Tottenham. They stated that they walked to London without making any halt day or night, though the weather at times was very bad. They are now back again at Rushden.

Rushden Echo, 5th April 1912

Lace PillowMr. W. Desborough, of Rushden, has this week make a pillow for lace making for Mrs. Riddle of Irchester, who is an old age pensioner.

Mr Gramshaw - Interesting finds 1912

Bedfordshire Times and Independent, 25th October 1912, transcribed by Susan Manton

House-parlour maid requires re-engagement in private family; good references; state salary given to; E. Jenner, 19 Gordon Street, Rushden, Northants.

Rushden Echo, 20th July 1917, transcribed by Gill Hollis

No deaths were registered last week in the Higham Ferrers and Rushden district, including Rushden, Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough, Easton Maudit, Wymington, Podington, Newton Bromshold, Grendon, Wollaston, Farndish and Irchester.  The district comprises an area of 32,000 acres.  The population is about 30,000.

Rushden Echo, Friday 28th September 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

A pair of martins are now busy bringing up a young family in a nest under the eaves of Mr Claridge’s house in Newton-road – an exceptionally late period.

Rushden Echo, Friday 28th September 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Cub-Hunting – The Oakley Hunt on Monday last opened their season by meeting at Knuston Spinney, and a large crowd of foot passengers turned out from Rushden and district. Cubs were plentiful and strong, many getting away, but hounds drew blood once only.

Rushden Echo, Friday 28th September 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Volunteers – In the battalion orders, which were read out to the Rushden Company at the Sunday morning parade, it was stated: “The Lord Lieutenant, Earl Spencer, K.G., wishes to express his pleasure to the Guard of Honour which was mounted on the occasion of his visit to Rushden on the 15th inst. His Lordship was much impressed with the general turnout and smartness of the men.”

Rushden Echo, 2nd August 1918

The Prodigal Son – A youngster named Sibley, aged 2½ years, whose mother is residing in Queen-street, got himself into a dangerous situation on Monday, when he was found about 11.30 a.m. straying along the Midland Railway branch line from Higham Ferrers to Wellingborough.  The little lad was found by one of the company’s employees, and was taken to the police station, where he spent a merry time with the Inspector’s children.  About 1 o’clock his mother came to inquire about the missing child, when he was just having his dinner.  Inspector Osborne carried him out to his mother, who said “Come along, Sonny.”  Evidently Master Truant had been having a good time, for he replied “Me no coming.”  It is fortunate there were no trains about whilst the little chap was engaged in his exploring stunt.

The Rushden Echo, 27th January 1928, transcribed by Kay Collins

In Appreciation of her services for the past six years as the organist of the Victoria Congregational Church Wellingborough, Miss Elsie Sharp, of Rushden, has been presented by the choir with an eight-day timepiece in oak case, suitably inscribed.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 1st October 1937, transcribed by Kay Collins

PC JaquesPlucky Constable
Rushden Man Commended for Rescue

A Rushden man who plunged into the Thames to save a man from drowning has been rewarded and commended at Bow-street Police Court.

P.C. Ernest Jaques, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Jaques, of 16 Tennyson-road, Rushden, is in the Metropolitan Police.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 16th January 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins

Oldest Lady (90) Won Prize

Really to enjoy an ice-cream in mid-winter apparently one has to be over 80. For ices figured prominently on the menu at a Rushden old folks’ party on Tuesday, and of over 100 present, only one or two declined the delicacy.

The informal party for some of the “grandpas and grandmas” of Rushden was sponsored by the Rushden Rotary Club “Inner Wheel,” and in the Masonic Hall the ladies of Rotary were competent hostesses.

Many of the more infirm old folks were met at the doors of their homes by Rotarians in cars, a good deed made possible by a special ration of basic petrol.

Others arrived on foot and as representatives of old Rushden gathered together beneath the red, green, blue, and white Christmas decorations, old friends met and exchanged reminiscences.

Tongue rolls, tomato rolls, cream and fruit cakes soon appeared on the four daffodil decorated tables. On the tables as well were some of the prizes—bottles of fruit and jams, and tobacco.

Aged 90

Among the winners was the oldest lady of the party, Mrs. Ellen Mitchell, of Wellingborough Road, who was 90 last September.”It’s a very, very nice party. I have a lot of old friends here,” she told us. It was a view supported by her niece, Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Waller, of 5 Elm Street, Higham Road.

“It is nice to have a bit of company,” commented Mr. Charles Payne, of 78 Crabb Street, who is 85, and was one of the “fathers” of the company. His prize was a bottle of gooseberries.

After cigarettes, oranges, and ices had appeared, Mr. and Mrs. H. Robinson led community singing with Mr. S. T. Beale at the piano. Recitals were given by Miss Lily Dickens and Mrs. C. Blunsom.

The arrangements for the party were made by an Inner Wheel sub-committee.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 20th February 1948, transcribed by Kay Collins
Mrs Wills with Mrs Compton
Eighty-two year old Mrs. Compton, of Essex Road, Rushden, opens a gift food parcel presented to her at her home by Mrs. P. W. Wills, who distributed the parcels received from the United States.

Rushden Echo & Argus, 18th November 1949, transcribed by Kay Collins

Frau’s visit to Daughter—Though unable to speak a word of English Frau Maria Kotsch is not at a loss for words while on holiday at 1, Kings Place, Rushden.

The middle-aged German from the Rhineland is visiting her daughter, the wife of a Rushden former soldier, and during her two month holiday they have two years to bridge in domestic gossip.

Frau Kotech, who is staying at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hyde, enjoyed the sea trip on her first visit to England. The shops in Rushden she finds no better stocked than those in Rheydt, where nothing is rationed, price alone being the controlling factor.

To round off the conversations in German now proceeding in Kings Place is the nine-year-old son of Mrs. Hyde's first marriage.

Northamptonshire Advertiser, 20th August 1965, transcribed by Kay Collins

Picture of Health
Twelve year old Sharon Lett, of 7 Holly Road, Rushden, won first prize in the "Picture of Health" contest sponsored by ‘Ribena’ at Butlin's Holiday Camp, Minehead, last week while she was on holiday with her parents.

Postmen giving the TV
Postmen Gave Invalid a TV Set
A Basket of fruit was a last-minute gift to accompany the £85 television set from Rushden's 14 postmen, presented to
32 year-old Miss Lily Pollard, at 6, Albion Place, Rushden.

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