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Apprentice William Hector

Wellingborough News, December 8th 1877, transcribed by Kay Collins

CURRIERS' ENTERTAINMENTAn entertainment of an interesting character took place on Monday among the employees of Mr. G. Denton, the object being the celebration of the coming of age of one of the apprentices. Tea was provided, and the meeting which was held afterwards was presided over by Mr. A. Corby. Thirty years of his forty years of life, he said, he had worked for the firm to which most of them belonged. He had never had any desire to change, and he hoped the firm would enjoy increasing prosperity.—Mr. A. Gadsby gave an interesting address, and rejoiced that a pleasant and social gathering of this, sort could be held without the use of intoxicating drinks. In very appropriate terms, the sentiment "Success to our shopmate, William Hector," in whose honour the meeting was held, was given, and William Hector, who is a general favourite among his fellow workmen, responded in suitable terms.—Mr. Wright spoke on the evils of intemperance, and other speeches followed. Amusements of various kinds were indulged in, and the usual votes of thanks closed the proceedings.

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