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Taken from the Chronicle and Echo 21 January and 7 March 1986 , transcribed by Sue Comont
Totector's Mobile Shoe Shop Lorry
Photo of the Totector's Mobile Shoe Shop
The Totector's Mobile Shoe Shop Lorry

Totectors, the Rushden firm who make safety footwear, have bought a 63 foot long lorry capable of carrying 2,500 pairs of shoes and boots to use as a giant mobile shoe shop. By the end of the year, the firm plan to have three of these lorries which cost £100,000 each. They will replace the smaller mobile shoe shops which have travelled all over the country on sales drives.

Totectors UK sales manager Colin Chatfield said the firm’s policy of taking the product to their major customers was very popular as it saved customers much time and hours of administration.

The firm already had three lorries which had done about 200,000 miles each so it was important to replace them. The new lorry is claimed to be the country’s biggest mobile shoe shop.

This purchase came just weeks after the firm invested £500,000 in new equipment to extend its' range of double density polyurethane soled safety shoes.

The new equipment was inspected by the assistant secretary for the Department of Industry who toured the Carnegie St. factory to see how the footwear industry makes use of high technology.

Totectors has been in the forefront of the safety footwear industry since the last century and its' predecessors Wilkins and Denton were the first manufacturers to introduce steel toecaps. Totectors was the first firm to introduce double density polyurethane soled shoes which give a comfortable sponge insole moulded directly to the uppers with a hard wearing anti hazard bottom sole.

The lorry shop
Mobile Shopping
The Totectors mobile shopping system makes it easy to kit out your workforce - with minimum disruption to the working day.

If your company has a substantial requirement for safety footwear and workwear, we can arrange for one of our well-stocked travelling units to set up shop for a specified period at your premises, providing a fast issuing system tor footwear and protective clothing.

That means all your staff can be kitted out quickly and efficiently in one session - and because fitting is done on the spot, there are no complications caused by exchanging wrong sizes, colour choices and so on.

Even better, it means that you don't have to worry about the sheer logistical hassles of equipping your workforce correctly - or keeping your own excessive stocks of the protective footwear you need. Our mobile shopping system takes responsibility for all that.

Totectors lorriesNaturally, this comprehensive service can only be made available to larger companies where numbers of personnel to be kitted out justify a visit from one of our mobile shops.

If your company has a requirement for safety footwear and workwear, why not ask our representative to call? Subject to suitability, he will agree dates, shop opening times and price arrangements with you. He'll advise on administration procedures and the best way of marshalling and organising staff for the event. On the appointed day, our travelling unit will arrive, set up where agreed and begin the process of fitting and issuing items individually to your staff, using the agreed admin system to check off every item issued to each employee.

With Totectors mobile shopping, providing your people with the right protective kit makes a pleasure of what used to be a chore. Telephone us now and talk to our mobile shopping department manager. [From a leaflet c1990]

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