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Red Cross in WWI
medal and box
Red Cross Medal and box
stick pin and badge
stick pin and lapel badge

Rushden Argus, 16th October, 1914

Rushden Red Cross Fund
Mr. R. Marriott, of Rushden, is selling the produce of his walnut trees for the Red Cross Fund.

Crested Ware ornament
These Ambulances are known as
Crested Ware as they carry many City and Town Crests.

This one has a Northampton Crest.

the top showing the crest
Rushden Echo, 3rd March 1916, transcribed by Kay Collins

The Red Cross committee have taken up the scheme of the National Egg Collection for Sick and Wounded Soldiers. Half a million eggs are wanted weekly. A start was made this week, Newton-road mixed school (per Miss Source) collecting 211 and Newton-road infants (per Miss Scott) 166. The eggs have been sent to headquarters by Mrs. Walter Robinson, secretary of the local Red Cross Society.

Rushden Echo, 11th July 1919, transcribed by Kay Collins

Articles made for distribution by the Rushden Red Cross Society during the war totalled 5,895, viz., shirts 677, socks 1,654, mittens 930, slippers 20, scarves and helmet scarves 890, bed jackets 320, dressing gowns 24, pyjamas 12, operation stockings 10, gloves 4, sheets 44, caps 34, pillow-slips 120, anti-vermin vests 220, hospital bags 145, cardigans 75, woollen vests 107, pants 96, belts 210, lint pillows 84, pillows 2, pads 105, bottle bags 36, handkerchiefs 75.

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