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Rushden - Wars & Wartime

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Wars & War Memorials Rushden in Wartime (by year)
Boer War
Boer War - mainpage
Crimean War
Effects of the War - The First Month -1914
Afghanistan & Jowaki 1877-80 Belgian Guests 1914
Boer War - mainpage Relief of the Belgians - 1914
Memorials WWI Street Shrines Shoemanuf's Sons Enlisted
War Memorial - mainpage Glassbrook Road - News Notes 1914-1918
Home Hints 1915
Local Defence in Rushden 1915
Medical Officer's Hints
Air Raid
Appeals Tribunals - mainpage
German POWs at Rushden House - 1916
High Street South - 1916
Scouts - Service in WWI
Rolls of Honour - mainpage St John Ambulance Men in WWI
Cenotaph in London Injured Soldiers insignia


Memorial Service 1917 St Mary's Church

Photographs at National Archives

Memorial Service 1917 Baptist Church

Promotions in WWI

CWS Shoe Factory - Enlisted men

Rationing WWI
Oldest Soldier - Pte A Davis Red Cross in WWI
Rev C J Keeler 1916

Rushden's 'Gurkhas'

Rev W H Tomkins - 1918

Display of War Pictures 1916

Memorial Chapel - St Mary's Church

Shop Outing 1917


Civilians killed in World War II

Aeroplanes - WWI

Methodist deaths in World War II

Cultivating Waste Land - 1917

The Royal British Legion

Girls at CWS 1917
Glimpses of War - 1917
Serving Men & Women - galleries Outings - 1917

Cenotaph Service

Peace Declared 1918

Memorial Hospital

Information to Relatives - 1940s

USAF in Hall Park

War Memorial & Church Photos

Remembrance Services 2008 Food in Wartime - MO Report 1920

Blackberry Picking 1918
Awards & Tributes (in year order) Flax Gatherers at Hinwick
WWI Awards & Tributes Index Absent Voters 1918 & 1919
Wartime in Rushden WWI
Major J A Browning - For King & Country Shoetrade in WWI
F Wykes - TA Certificate 1914-19 Soldiers Return - 1919
Short Brothers - Brothers in Arms

Special Constables

Nurses In WWI Visiting War Graves
WWII Awards & Tributes Index
Pilgrimage 1928
Events of 1939
Rationing WWII

Mission Incredible - 1944 Wartime in Rushden WWII (by date)

Paddy - the War Dog 1947 Evacuees - mainpage
Rushden Motor Ambulance Group
Enlistments Boot & Clothing Fund 1940
Naval Service 1900-1925 (refs only) Gift for the Northamptonshires
Enlistments Court Estate First Aid Post
Entertainment WWII - by Arthur Griggs
Ploughing 1940
Paddling at Ditchford 1940
Bombs fell on Rushden
Training Recruits
Enlistments(by date, regt, name, town, employer)

Soldiers Notes, Letters and Newsclips
Soldiers Notes - mainpage Army Boxing Contest 1941
Walter Denton - Survivor Local Wartime Service WWII
Denny Brothers
Aaron Upton 1870s
Pte Dickens & cousins at the Front 1915
Gold Medal 1915
Brown Brothers
Clayton Boys 1916
Sapper Darnell - Signalling 1916
Laughton Brothers 1917
Mackness Brothers WWI
Parker Family 1917
Armistice in Cairo 1918
Baker Brothers 1918
Lt. L Perkins - demob 1919
Soldiers' Pay & Dependents
Soldiers Notes - mainpage
Promotions in WWII
Royal Oak - 1939
Newell Family 1943

Soldiers Recounting Experiences
Zulu War - J Willmott 1879
Letter from Ernest King 1899
Soldier's Diary of the Boer War - 1901
Siege of Kimberley
Air Raid Shelter
Conditions at the Front WWI Wartime Fundraising & Comforts

Soldiers Notes - mainpage

Money Lent to Parliament in 1643
Wartime Savings WWI
Family of Fighters Belgian Relief Fund
Cecil Adnitt - "Wireless" Officer 1914
Horace Twelvetree - Naval Airman 1915 National Relief Fund 1915
Mr Percy Button 1915 Rose Day 1915
Sgt. T J Long 1915/16 Nursing Association Funds
Pte. C Magee 1915 Parcels Fund WWI
Trooper Shoesmith at Ypres 1915 Prisoner of War Funds WWI
Arthur Vorley - Telegraphist - 1915 Red Cross Funds WWI
Ernest Hawkes - Indian Cavalry 1915 Snippets - WWI
R W Bass Street Shrines - funds for troops
Chubb Family Wounded Soldiers & Sailors Fund
W J Wood Writing home - YMCA Huts
Prisoners of War Comforts for Soldiers WWI
Soldiers Return 1919
Discharged Sailors and Soldiers
Soldiers Notes - mainpage
Knitting for Troops 1940-45
Nazi prison ship 1943
Spitfire Fund 1940 - mainpage
C Smith, RAF, in India 1943 Parcels Fund 1942-1945
Dickens - Patriotic Family 1944
Chaplain - Ian Douglas-Jones Prisoner of War Funds WWII
Prisoners of War War Weapons Week 1941 & 1942
Salvage 1942

HMS Quorn 1940-44
WWI Tank in Spencer Park & Memories HMS Queen Elizabeth
Reg Leach - Preparations for War 1939 Aid to Russia 1942
David Clark 1940's & An Autograph Book Aid for China 1943
Daisy Clarke (nee Browning) - Evacuee

Boys' Brigade and The War

Sydney H Martin 1914-18 Wings Week 1943
William Abington's 1940 memories War Memorial 1944
Sgt B Fensome - 1944 Book Collections 1944
Fensom Brothers - 1944 Salute the Soldier Week
Chris Glidle - 1944 Wartime National Savings WWII
Seamen & U Boat 1944 WWII Snippets
R W Lockie 1944 Boot found 2018
Sunderland Aircrash 1946
Jack Tear's War
Ray Bridgeford 1955 Allies - Thanks, Gifts, and notes
Korea Notes Dutch Family - 1944
WWII Memories in 2005 Gifts and notes

Military Boxing Events & Remembrance Services
Army Boxing Armistice Day 1931

50 years - V E Day - Parade 1995
Military Groups Armistice Centenary 2018
W'boro Volunteers at Rushden 1881
Northamptonshire Regiment Poems
5th Platoon B Company 7th
'Airy Pains'
R.A.M.C. Hunting The Huns
Local Defence in Rushden 1915 Verse by E E Sears 1918
Northants Yeomanry 1915 Verses by RWN - WWII
We've Done a Bit Down 'Ere
Territorial Army - Introduction Poems by Michael Knight
Remembering - Sydney Tilley
20th TRB Shoemakers

Information Wanted WWI
Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Visiting Troops - WWI Militia Lists
Home Guard Inhabitants & Arms 1590
Montagu Musters - early 1600's
Able Bodied Men 1638
Owners of Arms 1660
Steelbacks' History in WWII Published
Militia Lists Introduction
Army Cadet Corps 1942

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