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Photographs by Paul Nicholson, 1995
V E Day 50th Anniversary Parade 1995

At 12.15pm on Sunday 2nd July 1995
A Drumhead Service
to mark the
50th Anniversary
VE and VJ Day
was held at Rushden Hall Park

The photographer stood in High Street South
when he took these. The Parade marked the
50th Anniversary of Victory in Europe 1945.

In the photograph below, the building painted blue above the windows is the Conservative Club.

The cottage beyond the club was the birthplace of Bernard Vann V.C.

The building to the right of the Club was two stone cottages and is where Barry Miller runs his men's hairdressing salon.

Next was Bill Poole's Hoover sales and repairs, and then a greengrocery.

The last building in the row is the Wagon & Horses public house, closed in 2006 and now in 2008, houses an Indian restaurant.

Veterans marching Horses too!
The Wagon & Horses Marching along
High Street South around the grounds
The picture right and the one above it are taken in Hall Park, where the Parade disbanded. Visitors and the paraders then looked around stalls and exhibits. One of the last pictures of the bandstand before it was burned down.
The bandstand area

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