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Visiting War Graves

Rushden Echo, 28th June 1923, transcribed by Kay Collins

A Rushden intending visitor to the war graves in France asks us to mention, for the benefit of others in our district, that visitors to those areas are now much simplified by the introduction of a special pass, available for ten days, which is issued from the "€œMilitary Permit Section"€ of the Passport Office, Westminster, S.W.1. The pass is issued free of cost to relatives of the fallen (after the identity of the dead soldier is proved), and the form to obtain the pass (sent from the above address) is much simpler than the form of application for an ordinary passport. Only the following relatives are allowed to have the new passes: Mothers, fathers, widows, fiancees (if still unmarried), daughters, sons, sisters, or brothers of the buried soldier. The Y.M.C.A., Church Army, Salvation Army or St, Barnabas Hostel will obtain such passes for relatives.

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