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Rushden WWII Bombs

Bombs dropped 3rd October 1940 - Mid-morning
Shirley Road, hit and ignited main gas main.
Hit "turret type" roof at S.W. corner of Victoria Hotel.
Middle of road where Belisha crossing now situated.
'The Belgian House' - passed through the building and exploded in the cellar.
Demolished a fish and chip shop.
Fell in Cave's sports field, now a private car park.
Hit Cave's factory killing at least one.
Hit Alfred Street School killing 4 adults and 7 children.  Injuring 40 people.
Hit air raid shelter situated in school playground, luckily air raid warning had not sounded and shelter was empty.
Hit dwelling house in John Street.
Hit the shop of Mr. G. E. Morgan which was situated next shop but one to the Lightstrung Garage made & hole at the foot of the stairs, but did not explode.
Fell on open ground at the rear of the Scout Room.
Map showing where the bombs fell, each marked with red spot, blue is the Church, and green is Spencer Park.

The road almost centre top is Higham Road running down
into High Street, and parallel
to the right of High Street is
Rectory Road.

The black arched line shows the the railway line, the station at north end of Rectory Road.

The newspaper report

Memories of Alfred Street

Memories of WWII Bombs

Roberts Street Bomb Fell 19.11.40 about 22.30 hours. Killed 3 adults and 1 child. it fell in gardens between Roberts Street and Newton Road, and demolished rows of terraced houses in both streets. The space in Roberts Street is now occupied by Police houses. The blast from bomb jammed doors of the Fire Station so that they could not be opened, and also broke shop windows in the High Street.

York Road Flares fell in August 1942. A cannister of flares (used to illuminate a target) pierced the roof of the bottom house on left in York Road. It ignited the house and fractured a gas pipe. Escaping gas killed two people, named Abbott.

Harborough Road Bomb In August 1942 three large bombs were dropped by a German Bomber at the rear of number 60 Harborough Road, on land of Manor Farm. There were no injuries or damage to property but the craters were described by a local resident as "large enough to get a double-decker bus in".

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