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Rushden Echo, 27th December 1918, transcribed by Kay Collins
The Signing of the Armistice - Celebrated in Cairo
Rushden Musician and Peace

Mr F R Cobb, the well-known Rushden musician, now with the 1/4th Northamptons, in the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, writes to us under date November 12th, from Abbassia Command Depot, Cairo, Egypt, as follows:-

Just a few lines to let you know we are having a royal time out here, celebrating the Armistice. I had the honour of playing the glad tidings on the piano. We had a tableau on the stage, including all flags of our Allies. As each flag was presented sheers were given by a very large audience, and I played the National Anthem as each one was presented. The boys gave vent to their voices; in fact, they sang till they were hoarse. I played all popular patriotic tunes, which suited immensely, but I think the two most popular ones were "Take me back to Blighty," and "I want to see the dear old Home again." There are numerous boys here from our county, so you can imagine we had a decent night together.

I might tell you the 1/4th Northants have covered themselves with glory, keeping up the old reputation of the Steelbacks. I have had the pleasure of visiting many historical places mentioned in the Bible, as well as the Sphinx and the Pyramids, a trip up the Nile, also old Cairo. We receive the "Rushden Echo" each week, and it is very interesting to us to read local news and events. I will conclude by wishing a Merry Christmas to all your readers.

Sincerely yours,
F R Cobb, 1/4th Northants.

Mr Cobb kindly send us a clipping from a Cairo paper, as follows: "There were great scenes of enthusiasm in the streets of Cairo on Monday evening when the news became known that the Armistice had been signed. Cheering crowds marched through the principal streets; in the cafes would-be orators got up and made speeches, and "God Save the King" and the "Marseillaise" were repeatedly sung. The principal cafes and bars were crowded with customers, who were toasting the Allied Cause. Many of the Boy Scout Associations paraded the streets with music at their head. Altogether Cairo has not known so hilarious an evening for years. On Monday evening also all places of amusement were crowded, particularly the Kursaal, where the excellent Bandman company gave their play "Billetted"."

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