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Extracted from the Isham of Lamport Collection by Kay Collins 2003
Owners of Arms in 1660

Originally, lists were made of men aged between 16 and 60 so that in times of need they could be called upon to serve in a military capacity. They would supply their own weapons.

A Militia Act in 1662 charged owners of property to supply men, horses and arms.

Later lists in the 1700s are titled Muster Rolls or Militia Lists and by the 1770s the age qualification was 18 to 45.

 October 1660

A List of the names of such persons within our towne as are possest of any armes with a particular account of them.

  Mr          EKINS 2 Musketts one sword i hanger
  Mr         REWSE one Pistoll    
Fr. Hold. John       RICHARDS i birding peice i sword  
Fr. Hold. Tho         SMITH i Musket one sword  
  Lewes     TAPP i sword    
Hus.  John       SMITH   one birding gunne    
  wid         GEARY the like    
Fr. Hus Will         CAMPION the like    
Hus George    DRABLE the like    
Hus Thos       DARLING the like    
Ten Will          SILBY the like    
Fr. Hol Ed           HILL i Musket i sword  
Fr. Hol Hen        HALL i short fowling peice ... sword  
Fr. H   Solomon   MAY i Musket    
  The  towne Armes  3 firelock Muskets    

A birding piece          a long barrelled sporting gun
A hanger                  a short sword
Fr. Hold.                   Freeholder
Ten                         Tenant
Hus                          Husbandman

NRO ref: IL3980E
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