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South African 'Boer' War 1900

A tin sent to the soldiers by Queen Victoria for
New Year 1900 - contained chocolate - with the message:
'I wish you a happy New Year'

Extract from his retirement memories:
John T Lovell, medallist

For the morale of her army and navy, Queen Victoria decided she would send chocolate, a luxury, to each of them. Cadbury, had a Royal Warrant (granted in 1854) but Richard and George Cadbury as Quakers, were pacifists and did not agree with the war. They invited fellow Quakers, Joseph Storrs Fry and Joseph Rowntree to form a temporary partnership. The chocolate inside the boxes carried the Cadbury name. Designed by Fry, in two different sizes, 40,000 tins were made. One was 15 x 9cm (6 x 3½ inches) and had a gold-coloured rim around the lid and contained two layers of chocolate. A less deep tin, 16 x 8cms (6¼ x 3¼ inches) had a blue rim on the lid, and one layer of chocolate.

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