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Home Guard Gallery

marching in Washbrook Road
Home Guard - marching in Washbrook Road passing Spencer Park Garage (right of picture)
and Spencer Park Stores on the corner of Spencer Road.
Notice also the old lamp post painted white for visibility in the dark.

Homeguard undated
Undated - The back of the postcard has signatures and as far as we can read them :

D W Nutt

W Sedney Sgt

P Kennett

A D Evans

Gregory ....

H W Loughlands

L Griffith

E H Haines

J S Hales

J Linker

F G Phillips

F Roscoe

Geo Paterson

Jos Rice


W N Mackay

D Mc L Grieve

J R Eaton

"B" Platoon 2001 Northants H.G. M.T. Company - Jan1943 - Dec 1944
Back row: 1 Leslie Frederick Collins, 6 Cyril Billington, 11 Arthur Sherwood (barber)
Middle row: 6 Mr Mepham.
Front row: 1 Edward Clayson.
The Motor Transport Company was formed in January 1943 and disbanded December 1944 when this photograph was taken. There is another photograph showing officers in the book 'An Illiustrated History of United Counties' part 4, by Roger M Warwick. It is believed to have been taken at the United Counties Depot in Northampton. Some of them met at the Wellingborough Depot and this included some Rushden men; Les Collins and Mr Mepham.

This is E Company and would be in the Wellingborough Road Area, thought to be taken 1941.

5th row, 9th from the left is Herbert Hart

4th row: 3rd from left is George Clayton, and 7th from left is Walter Lee (son of Walter & Elsie, sometime stewards at the
Windmill Club) - later Major Lee of the 86th Anti-Tank Regiment.

3rd row: 8th from left is Stanley Brooks

2nd row: 4th from left is Sgt. Harold Clayton senior.

This picture was sent in by Geoff Partridge - taken near Eastfields House - his uncle is 2nd row far left.

1940 photo by A J George
Commanding Officer J S Parker, 3rd from 2nd row from the back Alfred Presland.
Just after they got their new uniforms. Frank William Hodgkins is 2nd from right front row.

Judy Parker adds two more names: Front row 1st left Harold Smith (my great uncle)
Front row 4th left William Ewart Smith (my grandfather).

Please let us know if you can name anyone else.

Home Guard in Spencer Park
Home Guard in Spencer Park

Home Guard - but which group?
This is the latest picture sent in - taken at Eastfields, Rushden

The officers of the 8th Northamptonshire Home Guard assembled for this picture after the stand-down.

Bottom row (l to r): Lt. H. W. Moore (Capt. A.C.F.), Capt. S. R. Warren, Capt. W. W. S. Gibbard, Capt. H. R. Patenall, Capt. R. Whyte (Gordon Highlanders) Adjutant, Major S. T. Reynolds, Major P. W. Bletsoe, Major J. C. Richardson, Major A, Allebone, Major R. K. Green (second in command),
Lt. Col. V. H. Sykes (Commanding Officer), Major R. W. Davies (M.O.), Major A. D. Denton, Major W. M. Horrell, Major A. C. Pyrah, Capt. A. J. Pond (Northamptonshire Regiment), Quartermaster, Capt. H. F. Jaques, Capt. F. E. Brown, Capt. F. W. Summerlin, Capt. E. R. Bainbridge, Capt. W. Edwards.

Second row: Lt. W. J. Wells, Lt. C. W. T. Barker, Lt. J. H. Minney, Lt. W. Beeby, Lt. G. Collier, Lt. A. S. Maycock, Lt. J. A. Day, Lt. A. Warren,
Lt. W. P. Francis, Lt. T. A. Pearson, Lt. E. J. Crawford-Smith, Lt. J. S. Rodhouse, Lt. F. Laughton, Lt. V. H. Glenn, Lt. J. C. J. Harris, Lt. S. V. Harris,
2/Lt. J. W. Pollard, 2/Lt. E. A. Webster.

Third row: 2/Lt. R. W. Robinson, 2/Lt. F. C. Robinson, Lt. F. Toby, D.C.M., M.M., Lt. H. S. Hall, Lt. W. S. Coles, Lt. J. P. Kay, Lt. E. G. Dunmore,
Lt. P. J. Coles, Lt. H. Clayton, Lt. P. G. Whitney, 2/Lt. F. J. Minett, 2/Lt. F. Taylor, Lt. A. G. Rogers, Lt. R. J. Goff, Lt. W G. Lovell, Lt. F. R. Farrington,
Lt. A. H. Sargent, Lt. J. Lilley, Lt. D. S. Ferguson, 2/Lt. C. A. Richardson, 2 Lt. E. Loukes.

Top row: Lt. H. E. Allen (Signal Officer), Lt. B. A. J. Taylor, Lt. A. Underwood, 2/Lt. H. Drage, Lt. W. Abram, 2/Lt. J. .C. Halliday, Lt. E. Wilcox,
Lt. A. G. Smith, Lt. A. V. Streeton, Lt. S. Gray, Lt. A. E. A. Barker, 2/Lt. F. V. Tivey, 2/Lt. J. A. Stokes, Lt. F. G. Beasley, Lt. W. F. Sargent,
2/Lt. W. G. L Aldridge, Lt. J. W. Hall,
Lt. J. Walpole, 2/Lt. H. Smith, 2/Lt. W. Bryant.

Home Guard Officers
R Robinson, W Coles, W Furness, ?Woodhouse, E Wilcox,
C Robinson, R Putnam, F Toby, V Edwards, A Allebone,
H Sargent, H Clayton.
If you can help by naming any of these men please contact us.

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