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National Fire Service

Rushden girls called up for National Fire Service
Picture of Rushden girls who were called up for the National Fire Service.

Back row, from the left:
A North, M Childs, PM Fursey, Espin, S Carroll, H Waller, K Jeeves, Officer Timpson,
? , C Chapman, J Bennett, Cox, J Abbott, ? , M Whitworth, E Smith

H Langdon, N Norman, Packwood, Whiting, ? , I Childs.

Memories of Eileen Iliffe (nee Smith) - I was about 17 when I was called up for the National Fire Service.  We were all Rushden girls.  They fitted us out and taught us how to help do everything.  We went up to the Newton Road Fire Station where they trained us.  When the Firemen got called out for a fire we had to put disks on a board showing how many vehicles had gone, and what they needed to do this work.  We were there nearly twelve months.  After work we had to go up to the Fire Station, perhaps one or two evenings a week.  In the blackout you had to walk or bike to the Fire Station.  We seemed to accept it, and then, when there were some more girls stationed with us, we met up and walked back together.  It put us into the routine.  Then as soon as we were 18 they called a good chunk of us up for the ATS.

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