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Rushden Nursing Association Funds WWI

Rushden Echo, 23rd November 1917, transcribed by Kay Collins

Rushden Factory Collectors - Nursing Association Effort - A Useful Year’s Work
The annual meeting of the Rushden Nursing Association Employees’ Factory Fund Committee was held on Monday at the Waverley Hotel, Mr F Perkins presiding.

Annual Report
Mr C H Fletcher presented the annual report as follows:-

It is with great pleasure we are again able to report a successful year.

Although there is a considerable falling-off in the collections made, this is only to be expected, seeing the large number of our subscribers who have had to join the Forces during the last twelve months. One other cause which we hope will be remedied next year, is the irregularity of collections in a number of factories, several months being missed altogether. This, no doubt, is caused in most instances by the regular collectors being called up. If this can be avoided in the future and the few firms who are not making collections can be induced to fall into line, no doubt next year will show as good results as ever.

As will be seen by the Balance Sheet, £148 13s. 11d. has been collected, against £161 1s. 2d. last year, and £143 6s. 10d. has been handed to the Association.

We wish to give our hearty thanks to the collectors, for their services to Messrs. Croft and Nichols for printing the Balance Sheets free of charge, and to Mr W W Rial for gratuitously auditing the accounts.

We should also like to express our appreciation to our esteemed General Secretary, Mr Woodcock, who is leaving the district. His unfailing courtesy was deeply appreciated by us all, and we wish him every success in his new sphere.

The Balance Sheet
Which had been audited by Mr W W Rial showed receipts from factory collections £148 13s. 11d. After paying the expenses, it was decided to forward a cheque for £143 6s. 10d. to the Nursing Association.

The officers were re-elected as follows:- Chairman, Mr F Perkins; secretary, Mr C H Fletcher; treasurer, Mr F L Heygate; committee, Messrs G Barwick, E Chettle, C Clark, W Cox, W Durham, I Twelftree, W R Pack, H Underwood, and G Wingrove, with power to fill up any vacancies that might occur.

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