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Some Poems by Michael Knight

Michael Knight was born, and has lived all his life, in Rushden. He worked for 47 years at Strong & Fisher's.

Rest in Peace

Among the dunes there lie the brave
In heavenly peace abiding
A wooden cross, a simple grave
Our loved ones, God is guiding.

They shed their blood that we might live
True soldiers of the cross
Their rest is won, what can we give?
Just flowers at their cross.

Their loved ones living o'er the sea -
The unknown and the known
But they are happier with Thee
Their souls to God have flown.

The war was fought with pain and loss
To make dear HOLLAND free
Some names appear upon the cross
They died for you and me.

The war is won, for them comes rest
We will remember them
For they are some of BRITAIN'S best
And we will pray for them.

No guns are firing - all is still
The sun sinks in the west
Here lie the men who did God's will
O happy ones and blest

Arnhem Day 1947

We think of those who gave their lives
Upon this Arnhem Day
When mothers, sisters, daughters, wives
Gather to kneel and pray.

A great heroic price was paid
To make our England free
By men whose bodies have been laid
Within the sight of thee.

Upon each grave fresh flowers are laid
By friends who foster them
But soon these flowers begin to fade
But we will pray for them.

A mother kneeling at the grave
With sadness in her heart
Here lies my son with all the brave
Yet proud within her heart.

No sombre skies are o'er us now
This peaceful place of rest
Is theirs and to them now we bow
For they did give their best.

So many people here this day
Have seen their resting place
And they have come with thanks to pay
To those who died by grace.

Farewell O Soldier Friend
To N.J.G.

And so dear friend the time has come
When we must say farewell
For you your term in khaki ends
And homeward you must go.

O Soldier friend the years have flown
Since you and I first met
But many days of joy we shared
And I am now alone.

God bless you on your homeward way
But feel within your heart
That all the friends you ever made
Have memories of you.

A firm handshake and all the best
Are my last words to you
With many thanks for all you've done
For me, since we first met.

But as you leave this foreign land
This would I ask of you
That ere you go cast yet a thought
On those you leave behind.

Michael has also written some short stories. To obtain a copy please email
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